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Futuro Perpetual Calendar

Futuro Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendars are such a very smart purchase- this one will guide you on what dates fall where until the year 2152.

“Very modern, very cool! High gloss high white durable plastic. Never buy another calendar again! Great for any environment that needs a calendar…How it works: There are only 7 days a month can start on and only 4 different month lengths (28, 29, 30 and 31 days). So with only 14 double sided inserts all 28 variations are covered. All the cards you will ever need are contained inside the calendar! On the backside is a schedule printed to get you going till December 2020. (An insert inside the calendar also provides the information till December 2152.)inside the calendar is an insert with all the monthly information you need till December 2152.”

Designed by Pieter Woudt.

Height 9″, Width 12.5″


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