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Frosted Hanging Light by Gus Modern

Frosted Hanging Light by Gus Modern

We posted this a couple of years ago, but each time I run across it I think of it as such a perfect size (36″ long!) for over a bigger dining table.

“Cast a modern glow on your contemporary space with our Frosted Hanging Light by the Gus Modern company. Designed with the sleek angles and clean lines that mark the signature style of its cutting-edge designer, this rectangular lighting fixture houses two brilliant bulbs for high-quality indoor lighting. Fashioned from a clear acrylic shade, this Gus Modern lighting is suspended from two sturdy cables affixed to an enduring, stainless steel ceiling plate that mounts easily to your electrical source. 8 feet of electrical cord is included with the Frosted Hanging Light for convenient wiring.”

36″L x 7″W x 7″H.


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