Fragment Lights


I’ve got my sights set on these lights from Anzfer Farms, which is just too darn bad since I’m in the UK (voltage difference, blergh). But, hey, if you’re in the good ol’ US of A, you should take a look. They’re made from reclaimed wood, some (or all) of which are gathered on the San Francisco shoreline, and have just the right amount of rustic to go with your modern (and eclectic?) surroundings. The set of four shown above sell for $400 on Anzfer’s etsy shop, but individual ones are available for around $100-$120.

Approximately 3″-5″ x 5″-7″.

Fragment Lights Anzfer Farms
Fragment Lights Anzfer Farms

Available from Anzfer's etsy shop, $100~ per light and up..


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