Dodecahedron and Cube Terrarium


Just when you thought you’d be sick of terrariums, these two beauties pop up. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Geometric Terrariums posted a while back are from Score + Solder as well, as they look identical, so if you want to take in the whole collection I’d recommend starting there.

Dodecahedron and Cube Terrarium

Dodecahedron Terrarium, 8 x 7 in., $160.00 at Old Faithful Shop.
Small Cube Terrarium, 7 x 7 in., $110.00 at Old Faithful Shop.

Handcrafted by Matthew Cleland.
lead free soldered terrariums
Crafted by Score + Solder

Available from Old Faithful Shop, 110.00 - 160.00.

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