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DIY Kits from Haptic Lab

DIY Kits from Haptic Lab

Remember Haptic Lab’s Great Lakes Quilt that was featured last week? If you like the look of a modern city quilt and are known to be handy with a needle and thread, think about purchasing one of their DIY kits. Choose from several cities- each basic kit comes with a 36″ x 42″ single-use map template and sewing instructions while a full kit ($74) includes the material and thread in ivory as well. Choose your own fabric with the basic kit and you’ll have a nice project to work on with a one-of-a-kind end result (that would make an excellent gift, by the way, but after all that work, everyone will understand if you decide to keep it for yourself). Keep in mind the 36″ x 42″ size is large enough for a crib quilt or wall hanging.

DIY Kits from Haptic Lab
Washington DC DIY Kit, $38.00

San Francisco DIY Kit, $38.00

DIY Kit World Map
World Map DIY Kit, $38.00

Chicago DIY Kit
Chicago DIY Kit, $38.00 (map template showing)

See all of the DIY Kits at Haptic Lab.

Available from Haptic Lab, 38.00.

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