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Diamond Mirror

Diamond Mirror

If you’re serious about your reflection, you’ll be impressed with this mirror and its 16 facets cut and polished by hand.

Most glass and mirror produced today are filled with mineral impurities, namely iron, which cause a deep green tint. While most noticeable on its edge it’s also visible on the entire face of the glass causing the reflection of your skin, your hair, your walls and everything around you to have a slightly greenish muddy tinit. The Diamond Mirror is made from laboratory quality glass of the highest optical clarity and backed with an impossibly thin layer of pure silver. Unobscured by mineral impurities within the glass the Diamond Mirror provides more light transmission which in turn results in a reflection that is actually brighter, clearer and more vivid. Often referred to as optically white, the Diamond Mirror quite literally reflects your true colors.

$3500.00, Buy it here.


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