Desktop Series by Another Country


Another Country has some lovely furniture, for sure, but have you seen these desk accessories? The smaller items have just as much thoughtful function and considered style as the furniture pieces, and, dare I say, it’s hard to go wrong with that particular brand of consistency. There’s a tall Pencil Pot, a Sharpener Pot (for pencil shavings), a Tape Dispenser, and an Eraser Pot with an actual eraser as its lid.

Desktop Series by Another Country

Designer: Another Country
Materials: Maple
Pen Pot: H 11.3cm W 6.9cm
Eraser pot: H 6.5cm W 6.9
Pencil Sharpener: H 6.9cm W 6.8cm
Tape Dispenser: H 5cm W 6.9cm Widest point 10cm

Shipped From UK

Available from Another Country, 119.00.

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