Daydream Rug by Twinkle Living

Daydream Rug by Twinkle Living

This is the sort of rug that makes you want it no matter the price, because of the following reasons: it’s strange, no one else has it (probably), your guests would spend all sorts of time trying to decipher the imagery (which would give you more time to get the table set/drinks poured, etc.), and it’s black and blue and white, which could act as a neutral in a very tricky* (but delightful) way.

Materials: 100% Hand tufted New Zealand wool.
Daydream Rug 5′ X 7′: 5 W 7 L, $980.00
Daydream Rug 7′ X 9′: 7 W 9 L, $1,764.00

*Obviously, black and white can be a perfect backdrop to build a room around, but it’s much more interesting when there’s a bit of tension thrown in with an unexpected (i.e. non-matching) color.


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