D & M Depot Fiberglass Planters


There’s something about large rectangular containers that has me itching to get some water-loving plants (like the ones pictured on the right).

“Constructed of fiberglass, these lightweight yet sturdy cubes are water tight and easy on the eyes. They’d look good anywhere, inside or out. How you put them to use is only limited by your imagination.”

Colors: Black, chocolate or beige.

Cube, 14 in., $230.00, Buy it here.

Rectangle, 17 in., $401.00, Buy it here.

Rectangle, 40 in. (shown on right), $735.00, Buy it here.

Pillar (shown on left), $498.00,
Buy it here.
(pillar has a recessed area up top for use as a display area. Beige only.)


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