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Felt Wall Accessories

Felt Wall Accessories

Hmm, these felt wall accessories would look oh-so-soft and organized in an entryway or above a desk, though it could get a little pricey should you choose to spring for several all at once. I smell a DIY project for someone handy with a drill and staple gun (and precut wood tiles, magnets, clock movement, etc.).

Felt Wall Accessories

Mounts to the wall.

Materials: synthetic felt, wood, aluminum.
Dimensions of each (excluding key magnet): 12.1″H x 12.1″W x 2.7″ thick

Felt Mirror, $150.00

Felt Letter Holder, $110.00

Felt Coat Hanger, $140.00

Felt Magnetic Key Holder, $110.00

Felt Panel Clock, $150.00

Available from Spark Living, 110.00 - 150.00.

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