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Ciacapo Teapot

Ciacapo Teapot

It’s coooold out, so how about a hot cup of tea? You might have seen several cast-iron teapots, as they aren’t too hard to find, especially considering all the variations on the traditional Japanese cast-iron pot. However, this Ciacapo fella is something surprising with its bold silhouette. Yep, it’s cast iron, so it will keep your team warm for hours (multiple cups at your desk, anyone?) and, for bonus points, it’s heavy enough to use as a door stop- if for some reason you need to use it as such. Expertly crafted, it’s more than fit for a modern kitchen and will last through years of casual, everyday use.

Ciacapo Teapot

Available in four colors and two sizes.

Large Ciacapo Teapot 1000 ml (4.2 cups), € 91.50

Small Ciacapo Teapot – 600 ml (2.5 cups), € 76.00
size: ∅ 12cm – H 14cm

Also available from Rakuten, $150.74.

Available from COVO shop, 150.00.

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