Champagne Sabre


We could play the ‘what is it’ game, but let’s just skip straight to the item at hand. It’s a Champagne Sabre, a blade intended to separate the collar and cork from the champagne bottle at its weakest spot above the neck. Now, you’ll notice I mentioned it’s a blade, albeit a curved, blunt blade; does this strike a little fear into anyone else? I’m sure it’s dramatic to slice off the neck of a bottle, but I’m not sure I’d want anyone attempting that particular feat when they’ve already had a few drinks. You know what I mean?

Champagne Sabre

Design: Karim Rashid for Menu
Year: 2013
Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: W 2.8″ x L 17.7″ x 1″ Thick

Available from Lumens, $95.58.

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