Calendreco Wall Calendar


This calendar was first featured on our site back in ’08, and, as is often the case, needs its info updated. The Calendreco by Dessi Ivanova* is a great alternative to the somewhat ubiquitous Stendig Calendar, and as it is perpetual, you’ll be set year after year. Three headers give you options on weekday combinations, so a simple changeout each month is the only lifting-of-finger(s) you’ll need to do. If you should ever need to dispose of it (unlikely), it is 100% recyclable.

Calendreco Wall Calendar
Designer: Dessi Ivanova
Size: 35″ L x 25″ H (88.9 cm x 63.5 cm)

*And, as an extra treat, moddea is Dessi Ivanova’s blog/visual catalog. You might like it, as it’s similar to the products we feature on BLTD. (And thanks Dessi for giving us those ‘via’ links. It is much appreciated.)


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