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Bare Bones Domino Set

Bare Bones Domino Set

Dominoes, anyone? Yeah, yeah, I know you’re hard at work now that the holidays are well and truly over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look forward to your down time, where you’ll hopefully be playing games with friends and loved ones rather than staring at a wall wondering where it all went wrong. The classic “double 6” domino set has been re-designed by The Principals (in collaboration with lifestyle brand Billy Reid) so that you’ll have a pleasing shape and weight to each piece as well as a thoroughly modernized numbering system. Permission to feel smug when you bring this game to any gathering is now granted… only for a few minutes, though, don’t be annoying.

Bare Bones

Handmade in The Principals’ Greenpoint, Brooklyn studio.

Bare Bones come with a cotton carrying bag with screen-printed rules.
Available in two styles, Billy Reid (sold out) and Double Six.

Available from The Principals, 60.00.

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