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Anniversary Wine Box

Anniversary Wine Box

The joys of the summer wedding season, where your friends and family get together to celebrate the official union of two people in love… are you rolling your eyes yet? Or squirming uncomfortably because there’s a wedding coming up shortly and you’ve no idea what to get the happy couple?

Never fear, for the wine box is here. Buy the box, fill it with a few bottles of nice wine (make sure the ten year one will actually taste good in ten years) and call it a day. Bam! Guess who just gave a really thoughtful gift? That’s right, you did. You can also customize a message on the inside of the box to further emphasize your awesomeness.

Wine Box

Notes: You can buy a wine package along with this box to make things easy.
Other messages on the front (‘congratulations!’) and different fonts are available; you can also leave the box blank, maybe customize it yourself if you’re handy with a Sharpie?

-Each box compartment comes filled with recyclable, crinkle-cut, kraft paper to protect and insulate your wine.
-Three embossed, foil lid seals come with each box.

Anniversary Wine Box inside

Customize the message inside each anniversary lid.

Available from wineforawedding, 79.00.

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