Spica Light, Threaded

As promised, the Spica Light in all its glory… by none other than Iacoli & McAllister. This pic shows the Spica threaded (threaded!), and obviously it’s a bit more expensive with those hand-wrapped threads, but it sure packs a punch with a little bit of color detail. Of course, without threads the Spica is still spectacular. Also, the smaller black version with threads is over at Gretel ($795), if you’d like to see how it looks.


Purchase Information:

Price: $445.00-1,800.00
Available from: Iacoli & McAllister

Funny Little Trays

Love these trays from Fishs Eddy. Perfect for keys, coins, notes, whatever. Could be a great gift for someone too…

Shown above:
Guest Check Tray, $7.95
Admit One Tray, $7.95


Purchase Information:

Price: $5.95 and up
Available from: Fishs Eddy

Keep Your House in Order Journal

Sometimes, and I do stress sometimes, planners are filled way too quickly with meetings and other work related stuff to the point where any home notes fall by the wayside. Perhaps it would be beneficial to have a separate journal altogether to jot down groceries, bills, DIY projects, etc… even to make note of books and movies to read and watch. Could be a smart way to keep work and home life separate (literally).

Fourteen month, undated planner.


Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00
Available from: Black Ink

Voice Recorder by Richard Upchurch

Celebrate handcrafted noise with this Voice Recorder by Richard Upchurch. No, there’s no fanciness involved, it’s just a box with a voice recorder in it. However, the fun to be had is in the playback button and the control knob where you adjust the speed and pitch. Maybe think about filling up break time with a little bit of silly sound business?

See the demo:
Also on vimeo.

Purchase Information:

Price: $28.00
Available from: RichardUpchurch on Etsy

Luna Pendant

I’ll spare you the many exclamation points and simply point out that this pendant bears resemblance to Earth’s only natural satellite. A floor and table light version also available (see below).


Purchase Information:

Price: €270.00
Available from: in-es.artdesign

Source: LikeCool

Rouge du Rhin Pillows

Are you familiar with Rouge du Rhin and their line of pillows? There’s all kinds of nice geometric patterns to choose from in laid-back grey/white/black/red color schemes. Sundsvall Black and Oslo II shown above; both are 18 x 18″ for $125.00 each.


Purchase Information:

Price: $125.00
Available from: Bobby Berk Home

TDK Boomboxes

Bringing up the name TDK to music lovers who didn’t grow up with an iPod is  sure to warm their hearts in some way. I’m still a bit young myself, but I certainly have great memories of dubbing  songs off the radio and creating mixtapes with handwritten liner notes. TDK is a storage media company, but has recently branched into the home audio market with these fantastic boombox-inspired stereos.


Purchase Information:

Price: $$299.00
Availability: Buy TDK Boomboxes here

Cord Lamp by Brendan Ravenhill

Whoa, talk about being pleasantly surprised, this wall Cord Lamp by Brendan Ravenhill is one heck of a deal at $150. If I still lived in the US, I would buy two of these for bedside lamps and then sit back and congratulate myself for finding such a bargain. Simple, modern, and affordable? Music to the ears.

Found via Svpply.

Purchase Information:

Price: $150.00
Available from: Brendan Ravenhill

Source: Svpply

20×200: Favorites

Here’s a selection prints from 20×200 for your viewing pleasure. Most prints are available in different sizes, and prices range from $20 for an 8″x10″ up to $2000 for 30″x40″.

Note: Most images are cropped to fit our slideshow format, fyi. Also, sometimes the slideshows load slowly, so patience might be needed.

More information:

View 20×200: Favorites here

Flax Rug

You might remember the Flocks Aran Rug by Christien Meindertsma, which features a thick knitted sweater pattern. This flax rug is part of Meindertsma’s Flax Project for Thomas Eyck, in which she aims to make a series of products from flax that are produced locally in the Netherlands. (visit to learn more). I like how it feels minimal and modern while its material (and production technique perhaps?) is traditional.

Purchase Information:

Price: $3,570.00
Available from: Merchant no. 4

Paint Chip Quilt in Blue

Here’s a very nice handmade quilt on Etsy, and although it’s a smaller size (crib/throw), it’s proof that quilts can be quite modern if handled the right way. You can request a custom quilt with specific colors from the seller; expect prices to run from $300 to $1000 depending on the size.

100% cotton.


Purchase Information:

Price: $$300-$1000.00
Available from: kimem's Etsy Shop

DIY Lamp 1, 2

So, if you don’t mind a tiny bit of assembly, this light could be yours for a mere £60. Compared to Muuto’s Wood Architect Lamp ($295), that’s not bad at all. Available in either a table or wall/ceiling/surface-attached option.

6 screws, 7 beach wood pieces, lamp holder, cable, traditional desk lamp shape.


Purchase Information:

Price: £60.00
Available from: kukka

Origami Book Holder

This folded iron book holder will keep your cookbooks upright and at attention, or, if you’re not one for cooking, it’ll do just as well displaying a prized art or photography book.

Made in india from a single sheet of iron with bright red finish.
Exclusive to the conran shop.
13″w x 6″d x 8″h.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Frame Pendant Lamps by Iacoli and McAllister

These bright frame lights from Seattle based Iacoli & McAllister provide a nice pop of color, don’t they? I know I just posted their Table Light the other day, but I’m liking their collection too much to let it fall by the wayside (or get lost in my bookmarks, which is often the case). Their Spica Light ($800) is pretty fantastic too, but I’ll save that for another day.


Purchase Information:

Price: $345.00
Available from: Iacoli & McAllister

Enormous Moon Floor Cushion

Do you go crazy for moon-inspired products too? Are you close to losing it over this e-nor-mous floor cushion? If your home doesn’t have something crazy/nutty/childish, I think this would be good compromise. It’s the moon, in a floor cushion.

Huge, comfortable floor cushion with big thick moleskin-finish outer. Zipped.
Size 90cm x 50cm

Purchase Information:

Price: £275.00
Available from: Pedlars