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Articles Written by Katie


About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Hay’s Tower Blocks Paper Notes

If you’re going to keep track of your to-do’s (and to-don’ts?) on paper, you might as well make that paper pretty to look at. HAY Denmark has all sorts of lovely offerings in the way of home furnishings and accessories, and we’ll just be thankful that they took the time to apply some great graphics to stacks of note paper. (Now priced at half of their original price, it’s easier to get a few instead of just one on its own.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.00 - 25.00
Available from: A+R Store

Friday Links

– Strange Modular Lamp over at Kickstarter.

Listen to Records With Your Teeth

reword is a tool that helps prevent online abusive behavior. (via creative mornings)

Drawing Machine by All Lovely Stuff

– Store your sugar in this Pothead

Late Sleeper? You’re Not Lazy, Just … Different

Cousins River Residence by GO Logic

Enjoy your weekend. (Here’s hoping you weren’t too badly pranked today.)

Cousins River Residence

Animal Mask Notecards

Animal Mask Notecards! Fun, fun, and fun. Each and every recipient of your heartfelt scribblings will get twice the amount of enjoyment from whatever sentiments you share, because they’ll have a mask as well. Maybe they’ll even attempt to make the appropriate noise for the animal, because if you’re going to wear the mask, you’ve got to pretend to be the animal, right? I think those are the rules.

Purchase Information:

Price: $16.95
Available from: Fredericks & Mae

Hex Cutting Board

Shoot, I’m such a sucker for geometric anything. Simply facet the edges of an American Maple wood board and I’m already contemplating plonking down a credit card, no matter how many cutting boards already reside in my kitchen cabinets. Now, the faceted edges do make the board easier to pick up (on one side), so it is actually a functional feature as well as a stylistic choice.

Purchase Information:

Price: $105.00
Available from: Field

Cocentric Flush Dome

Prepare yourself, for this dome lighting fixture isn’t what most of us would call affordable. However, it is handcrafted on a lathe (take note of the perfect concentric grooves) and is available in several different American hardwoods. Plus, it can either be positioned on the wall or the ceiling, so you’re not locked in to just one location.

Purchase Information:

Price: $900.00
Available from: Allied Maker

Sacrificial Chair by Thing Industries

You might as well succumb to the bad habit of shedding clothing onto furniture. It just takes so much extra effort to put them away. Imagine that last sentence said in a whiney voice, and know that I admit to a little laziness now and then. So, go ahead and buy the Sacrificial Chair by Thing Industries why don’t you, and see the pile of barely-used and needs-to-be-cleaned clothes pile on up into a spectacular mess of colors and textures. You could even call it an objet d’art if you want to sound pretentious.

Purchase Information:

Price: $140.00
Available from: Thing Industries

Dusen Dusen Sheet Sets

What might you pair with your new Hay Polygon Quilt? How about Dusen Dusen’s Alphabet or Objects Sheet Set? Yes, that makes for a lot of shapes and pattern, but that’s what makes a bed fun… riight? I’m pretty crazy about all the accompanying throw pillows but they’re all sold out. Sad face. The throws are so good they’ll need their own post, so stay tuned.

Purchase Information:

Price: $110.00
Available from: Dusen Dusen

Nanoleaf LED Light Bulbs

Have you seen any of the Nanoleaf LED light bulbs yet? What about the Nanoleaf Smart Ivy? Most LED light bulbs are not attractive, and the Nanoleaf isn’t particularly pretty either. However, it is faceted (=dodecahedron) with tiny LED lights in the shape of a regular bulb, and that makes it interesting. There are different variations in size and color, plus the Smart version mentioned before, which you can control wirelessly via your device. Kinda fun, huh?

Purchase Information:

Price: $24.99
Available from: Nanoleaf

Hay Polygon Quilt

A reversible, two-tone polygon quilt? Yes and yes. I personally own the Mega Dot Quilt from Hay, and it’s the perfect weight for summer use. Now that they’ve added polygons to the mix, it’s certainly tempting… you can never have too many quilts, right? Blue, Charcoal, and Olive available from MoMA Store; Powder, Mint Green and Black available from Danish Design Store; all colors available from The Modern Shop ($CAD).

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Available from: MoMA Store

NakNak Wire Numbers

A little loop-de-loop makes these Wire Numbers by NakNak just a little more fun and carefree than some other super serious house numbers (you know the ones). Luckily, most of us only have one, two, or three digit house numbers, so a numerical facelift won’t break the bank.

Purchase Information:

Price: $28.00
Available from: Alexander Marchant

Afteroom Lounge Chair

From the front or back, the Afteroom Lounge Chair may not look like anything special, but turn it slightly to the side and you’ll see the exaggerated arms swoop forward for an imposing silhouette. Afteroom’s Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei took inspiration from Thonet’s Bentwood Chair and Børge Mogensen’s Spanish Lounge, merging curves in powder-coated steel with low proportions and leather to make an interesting seating option for any lounge. Oh, and until March 31, get 20% off using code MS2016.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,350.00
Available from: A+R Store

Terra Hydro Terrarium

How’s this for a way to display your prized plants? Created by Japan-based designer 10¹² TERRA, this minimalist container was designed so that a plant is suspended within, thus allowing its intricate root system to be displayed. The top portion has a grid that holds the plant while the bottom portion holds water; this two part system makes it easy to replace the water when needed and showcases the plant in its entirety.

Purchase Information:

Price: $192.00
Available from: Myth & Symbol

Friday Links

“Hermit’s Ship” Cabin by Parra + Edwards Arquitectos (via)

Small House Bliss

Charred Cabin by DRAA

– Book wish list: Hide and Seek: The Architecture of Cabins and Hide-Outs

– Relaxing or slightly disturbing? Falling (You may want to turn your sound down a little bit.)

– This might be the best litter box ever: Luuup Litter Box

– Hmm, like or dislike? Wall Mounted Bottle Opener – Dentures

– Are you fond of tiny stud earrings? This Stud Dome is pretty cute for keeping them out on display.

Enjoy the weekend.

My Spot Bauhaus Memento Display

Hey, how about a string, a weight, and some anchors to hold up your important photos and notes? That sounds dreadfully dull, but it’s not, I promise. My Spot is just a very, very minimal approach to a pin board. Gravity keeps the string taut, allowing the anchors to hold your postcards, calendar pages, and notes within reach and perfectly displayed on a simple, horizontal line. Switch out your items easily without succumbing to the mess of a traditional bulletin board.

Purchase Information:

Price: $150.00 - 160.00
Available from: Dwell

Hafod Grange Teasel Paperweight

A spiny head of a hand-picked teasel doesn’t sound pretty, but up close it’s a beauty to behold. Dipsacus fullonum is the plant’s proper name, by the way, and the prickly bracts are friendlier to inspect and admire when enclosed safely within polyester resin. It may be an excellent gift for anyone who appreciates botanical oddities, but I’d say you could justify purchasing one for yourself, as it is a paperweight, and therefore can be classified under office supplies. Do take a look at the full selection of Hafod Grange Paperweights, as you may want to start a collection (the Dandelion is spectacular).

Purchase Information:

Price: $58.00
Available from: The Line