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Textile Softblocks

Textile Softblocks

Molo, the designer of the “softwall”, has designed a pretty cool product called “Softblock” which are:
“Honeycomb building blocks that can be used alone, or stacked together to create functional surfaces, or partitions of varying heights and shapes.

Softblocks are available in sizes from 1′ to 4′ tall, and varying thicknesses, although all softblocks can be stretched open to as much as 12-15′ (4-5m) in length.

Softblocks are amazingly versatile and can be readily stacked up to 10′ (3m) tall. Softblock structures can be created with embeded display areas, and can be top, or back lit to create stunning results.

Textile softblocks are easy to manipulate, able to withstand rough handling, and are water and tear resistant. Softblocks have sufficient cell density when expanded to allow them to be stacked one upon another, and to support moderate amounts of weight (e.g., a 10lbs/5kg object displayed on a flat tray). The ends of softblocks are finished with a white sythetic non-woven material. Softblocks can be dusted, vacuumed and wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Textile softblocks are made of a polyethylene based sheet material that has a Class A flame spread rating and tends to shrink away from flame – however, this material will burn if a source of flame is sustained, and thus SHOULD NEVER BE PLACED NEAR AN OPEN FLAME OR HEAT SOURCE. Please inquire if further information required.”


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