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Terracotta Birdhouse and Wall Mounted Birdhouse

Terracotta Birdhouse and Wall Mounted Birdhouse

Here’s a nice habitat for your neighborhood birds. As you know, their habitats are disappearing, and it’s nice if you can provide a place for them to nest.

Made from all-natural clay, the Terracotta Bird House (2003) is an attractive, but not ostentatious, home for garden birds. Designers Gavin Christman and Kate Knapp created the Bird House as a response to the disappearing habitats of small North American birds. Its understated spherical design and small entry hole make it impervious to the advances of squirrels and other predators, and it’s sized to offer a safe nesting spot for blue tits, coal tits and marsh tits. The Bird House comes in recyclable packaging and includes a steel wire for hanging and a plastic protector to prevent tree damage.

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