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Rolly Storage Mirror

Rolly Storage Mirror

The rolly storage mirror is perfect for narrow areas for storing all the clutter that seems to accumulate at points of entry to your home.

“Combining a traditional hall mirror with tambor door storage crafted of richly grained solid walnut, the Rolly is as compact as it is useful. In addition to allowing last minute adjustments to hair, clothes or face, the substantial reflective capacity of the mirror injects a sense of spaciousness in often tight entryways. The all-walnut compartment below the mirror provides a convenient shelf for display or temporary storage and concealed storage for personal items from keys and phones to wallets and cameras. The tambor door is constructed of fine, laser-cut strips of walnut that are reassembled in the precise order they were cut for a seamless, solid appearance. Laminated to canvas backing, the door offers flexible sliding for easy operation. Two keyhole inserts on the back allow the Rolly to be easily suspended from the wall (hardware not included). Mirror supports up to 10 lbs.”

Thanks Rob!


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