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Phonofone III iPhone Speaker

Phonofone III iPhone Speaker

The Phonofone III is the third iteration of a completely passive, non-electric ceramic amplifer designed specifically for the iPhone. (Check out our previously posted Koostik for a similar product done in wood). Using only clever acoustics, the iPhone’s volume is amplified up to four times. The Phonofone is handmade in Canada and only available in limited quantities. For such a unique and handmade product I would naturally assume it would adorn quite a lavish price tag, but it is actually quite reasonable. I’ve never seen any of these in person so if there any readers out there who can vouch for the sound quality please chime in with comments.


iPhone Compatibility:      Gen 1, 3G, 4G
Weight: 1.75 lbs
Height: 10.6in
Width: 11.5in
Depth: 8.75in


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