Ixxi Wall Art


If you’re looking for some art —okay not just any art, but big, large-scale art—to put up in a room, this may be your answer. Ixxi is a modular connecting system to piece together printed panels that make up a larger picture. Simply upload your image to their website, choose your final output size, and Ixxi will determine how many panels and “x” and “i” connectors are needed for the artwork. Ixxi is printed on Synaps synethetic paper, a material that is moisture resistant and tear-proof, so rest assured your investment should last you for many years to come. It takes about a minute to load, but it’s well worth it to check out Ixxi’s inspiration gallery. Every other image I saw in there I caught myself saying, “ohh i want that.”

Bonus! If you’ve got some patience and a lot of toner/ink, you can use open source software Posterazor to create your own multi-paneled poster. Basically it will take your image and  blow it up, span it across multiple pages, and create a PDF for you. I’ve used it successfully before, but keep in mind that you will have to trim the edges if you don’t have a borderless printer, which I’m assuming is going to be a majority of you. If not for a final piece of artwork, Posterazor could be used as a stand-in to determine if your Ixxi art will look right in your space.


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