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Fall of the Damned by Luc Merx

Fall of the Damned by Luc Merx

This is probably best played in a commercial application or a large scale home, but the Fall of the Damned pendant lamp is a slightly frightening, if not interesting way to light a space.

“A dramatic, pendant lampshade, shaped into a classic image of guilt and morality. From a distance, The Fall of the Damned appears to be an organic and intricately textured ornament. Upon closer inspection it is revealed as a mass of naked bodies, reminiscent of Dante and Rubens, fused together in agonizing beauty.

The amazingly complex shape of this limited edition lampshade was made possible via the help of Materialise’s MGX technology. Using innovative 3D printing, digitally created designs are ‘printed’ with a laser, adding layer upon layer until an intricately detailed piece is formed.

Limited Edition of 40.”


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