This is a perfect gift for your favorite coffee drinker.

“Eva Solo bring their “less is more” design aesthetic to the simple task of brewing coffee. Simply spoon in the coffee, add boiling water, stir and replace the drip-free filter funnel and the tip-up lid. Wait four minutes, and pour the freshly-brewed coffee. The lid and the cover keep the coffee warm for 30 minutes, as well as giving the brewer is distinctive “flask in a pullover” look.The covers are available in knitwear or neoprene (zipped). Consisting of four easy-to-clean parts (heatproof flask, lid, filter and cover), with a custom stirrer, easy to clean and maintain. Winner of numerous design awards, including the 2004 Design-Plus. This method of brewing coffee is the closest to that used by professional coffee tasters and blenders.”

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