Genius! I love it more than my shoes.

“You might think that the Convex Mirror is familiar. You should. UK based designer, Sebastian Wrong has taken direct inspirtation from an everyday automotive piece of equipment, the rear-view mirror. By enlarging this well-known form and placing it in an unfamiliar interior environment Wrong has chosen to make iconic a most non-iconic object. The Convex Mirror is designed with humor and with the ambitian of creating an ultimately functional object. The mirror allows its owner the opportunity to rotate and move on any axis. This smooth movement is made possible by a ball joint at the rear of the mirror. The convex curve of the mirror surface is manufactured using instrument quality mirror technology normally reserved for use in aircraft simulators. The mirror is finished with a tactile precision injection molded casing. A commitment to quality manufacturing is a regular feature of Wrong’s work. Here we see that characteristic combined with anouther favored quality- humor. 1300mm x D250mm x H900mm. Injection molded ABS frame and glass.”


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