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Enzo Mari: Formosa Wall Calendar

Enzo Mari: Formosa Wall Calendar

I might be a little obsessed with calendars. But this one is really the calendar of all calendars. Designed in 1967 for Danese Milano, Italy, by Enzo Mari it alledgedly has become “one of the classic icons of 20th Century Design”. And the way I figure it, if you bought this, you wouldn’t have to stand in front of the wall of calendars at the end of December trying to decide between the lesser of two evils. AND, you’d actually end up saving money if you kept it for more than, uh, 20 years (assuming the cheesy picture calendars cost about $12)…

Available in red lettering on black or black lettering on aluminum.

Material: Anodized aluminum, lithographed PVC, English text.
Dimensions: 12.40″ H x 12.40″ W.


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