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rnd_time clock

rnd_time clock

The rnd_time (“random time”) clock allows you to randomly spread the hours out to your heart’s desire.

For those of you afraid of the whole “random” process, let’s reenergize the geometry part of your brain. There are 360° in a circle. Using a compass and a protractor, draw a circle on a sheet of paper and draw a line at every 30° mark (360°/12=30°). Nail the paper to the wall in the center of the circle (where you’d like the hands of the clock to go). Use a level to make sure one of the lines is completely horizontal. Tie a long string to the center nail and stretch it out along the 12 o’clock line. Put another nail anywhere along the string to determine placement of the 12 o’clock cube. Now do that 11 more times. Tear off the paper and then place each cube on the appropriate nail. That was easy!

each cube measures 2.3″ x 2.3″ x 2.3″
available in black cubes or white cubes.


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