How cool is this scale? I know that with all this “online bill pay” and “e-mail” nonsense there’s not a lot of mail correspondence lately except for junk mail flyers and such, but I think there’s really nothing classier than hand writing a note and actually mailing it with proper postage. Show the Martha Stewarts of the world that not only do you know how to write a serious letter but also that you know it costs roughly 39 cents (or whatever) to cover the postage.

“This letter scale by Arnout Visser uses Archimedes’s principle to weigh letters. A graduated cylinder of Pyrex glass is floating in liquid. The weight of the letter pushes down the upper cylinder, thus causing the liquid to rise in between the two cylinders. The movement is thus measured and transferred into weight units. You can read the weight of the letter by the moving of the water. 2″ x 7.87” “


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