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Ambient Dashboard

Ambient Dashboard

I’m in love! I’ve seen this before but for whatever reason it didn’t strike a chord with me then.
The ambient dashboard has three panels which you can customize to display information that you’d like to view at a glance. The best part about it is that you can tune into the basic channels and not pay any monthly fees, or you can opt for premium service for $6.95 a month or $19.95 a quarter. It works like a radio, using over the air signals. No computer or wifi connections necessary.

Basic channels:
S&P 500
Nasdaq Composite
Local Temperature Forecast
Northeast Forecast
Mid-Atlantic Forecast
Southeast Forecast
Midwest Forecast
West Forecast
Northwest Forecast
Local Forecast Conditions
Area Traffic Congestion

My Stock
My Stock #2
My Stock #3
My Portfolio
My Forecast
AIM Buddy Status
My Forecast
My Commute #1
My Commute #2
My Commute #3
Mileage Points
Bill Reminder
New Job Listings
Mobile Minutes Used
E-mail Waiting
Calendar Countdown
Buddy Status


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