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Farmhouse Modern Cupboard

The beauty of a walnut armoire/cabinet done in a minimal, modern design is just plain hard to resist, no matter the cost. Chadhaus (a favorite of ours here at BLTD) has released this new design and it has the same quality marks we’ve come to know and expect (and love) from their previous pieces.

The hand-built nature of the solid wood case and custom-veneered doors guarantees that it will last for generations to come, and the adjustable shelving and a pullout drawer makes it suitable for storage in any room. Picture it in your dining room, living area, office, or bedroom, with its shelves semi-full of perfectly organized, useful things. Now, tell me, doesn’t that picture look nice?

Purchase Information:

Price: $4,000.00
Available from: Chadhaus

Coin Mirror by 45 Kilo

What’s the big deal about a piece of polished copper? For starters, it’s hand-polished to a mirror shine, so you can see your face in it every day (you’ll have a rosy glow, which will do wonders for your self-confidence). The copper will take on a warm patina over time, giving it an ageless appeal and character- perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to say the same about your face?

Purchase Information:

Price: $210.07
Available from: L'ArcoBaleno

Keyway Ruler

You probably won’t care much about this ruler unless you spend time with papers and pencils, but for those of us that still rely on old school tools most of the time or occasionally, it’s definitely worth a look. The Keyway Ruler has metric units on one side and imperial units on the other, with a rolled edge that allows you to flip between the two systems. And, if you abhor a smudge, rest assured that this rolling of the ruler will decrease the likelihood of any errant marks or blemishes on your work.

Purchase Information:

Price: $20.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Beoplay A2 Bluetooth Speaker

Take a look at the size of the BeoPlay A2 Speaker. Compared to other bluetooth speakers, that’s a reassuring thing because, as some experts will cry from the rooftops, it’s just not easy to pack a great sound into a very small box. The look of it doesn’t hurt either, as green, black, and grey are right up our sartorial alleyways. The leather strap makes it easy to carry or hang anywhere, and a 24 hour battery life will ensure a non-stop playlist for a very long listening session.

Purchase Information:

Price: $399.00
Available from: B&O Play

Brick Poufs

Poufs! They’re just the thing to rest your tired and sore feet on after a long day’s work. Thankfully this collection of Brick Poufs are super simple and very affordable, and they’re available in seven somewhat muted colors, one of which is bound to work with your interior’s overall color story. Choose between the Cube, the Round, and the Large. The larger sized poufs are obviously well suited for coffee/cocktail table territory, and will work as excellent extra seating for your friends when you throw your next get-together.

Purchase Information:

Price: $129.00 - 299.00
Available from: Hem

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    Waterworks Bulb

    The Waterworks Bulb looks so much better than a wine bottle Plant Nanny, don’t you think? It’s suitably sized for smaller houseplants, and blends in more with its surroundings thanks to its clear glass bulb. You can also choose which sort of terra-cotta cone you’d like based on the amount of water a specific plant needs, thus ensuring ideal water flow and happier, healthier plants.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: €35.00
    Available from: Wannekes

    BFGF Woven Blankets

    If you’re shivering alone at night, wondering where all the other weird and wonderful people are, you need a BFGF blanket to keep you company. With simple sketches of banal objects, the blankets give a casual cartoon perspective that is both familiar and funny. The Worldwide Aura Blanket (above) is my favorite, but the others will be just as warm and will perhaps suit you and your décor just as well. BFGF also have mouse pads, bags, and apparel, if you’re in a shopping mood.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $350.00
    Available from: BFGF

    Fabric Keyrings by Craig Damrauer

    Third Drawer Down Studio has collaborated with artist Craig Damrauer to create this set of fabric keyrings. They all feature a blend of science and art in word equations (“Modern Art = I could do that + Yeah, but you didn’t”). You’ve got to be tempted, for there’s at least one that fits your realm of interests.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: AUD12.00
    Available from: Third Drawer Down

    Bounce Shade by Karl Zahn

    This light bears its name for obvious reasons. The adjustable light projects a beam onto a folded aluminum shade, which then bounces the light back towards its source. The large, sail-like shade seems to float in mid air, yet reality shows a thin chain that hangs from a single point in the ceiling. This complete separation of light source and shade allows for various placements- do have some fun with moving it around to figure out the best effect.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $2,800.00 - 3,200.00
    Available from: Roll & Hill

    Weekend Collection by Studio Brichet Ziegler for OXYO

    Look at this beauty. In a bright strawberry red, this sun bed will be sure to beckon you towards the outdoors this summer. Don’t worry, though, if red isn’t your color there are 11 other colors to choose from (including the requisite white and very safe gray). The Weekend Chair (shown below) is what originally caught my eye, as it costs $285, and that’s pretty affordable compared to some of the other modern outdoor options. In addition to the arm chair and sun bed, there’s also a bench, a bistro table, dining tables, a coffee table, all in the same array of colors. The collection is made with steel tubular framing and anti-UV powder coating, and the seats and tables are all stackable for easy storing during the colder months.


    Purchase Information:

    Price: $1,500.00
    Available from: The Future Perfect

    Aelfie x Studio Proba Rugs

    A pretty patterned rug that rolls right in with the spring season is just what our floors need. These Aelfie x Studio Proba Rugs play with colorful, geometric shapes in a flat woven 100% wool. All five designs are easy on the eyes, but these three are my favorites (and seem to be available through the Cooper Hewitt Shop’s website). Fair warning, though, there’s a limited edition of only 3 each.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $1,675.00
    Available from: Cooper Hewitt Shop

    Living Wall Planter 2

    It’s Earth Day, and that means you should probably assess what you can do to make the world around you a bit greener. Maybe that means using less water, maybe it means using mass transportation (or carpooling) a little more, but whatever you do, do something. Maybe you could plant a few more herbs and veggies in or around your home, which will go a long way towards reducing your reliance on grocery store fare.

    If that sounds like a good idea, let me point you towards Woolly Pocket’s Living Wall Planter 2. It’s ideal for vertical gardening, as it has a compact shape that’s easier to hold, lift and hang. An integrated watering well keeps plants watered for up to two weeks and the front and back sides are vented so that roots can breathe. The Wall Planter can live indoors or out, as there’s no need for drainage. And, if your thumb is definitely not green (or you’re flush with cash), consider the Woolly School Garden 2 for your local school (see below).

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $59.99
    Available from: Woolly Pocket

    Drifted Bar Stool L

    I did promise to feature all decent barstools, didn’t I? This time you’ll be very happy with the price tag. Norwegian Lars Beller Fjetland created the Drifted series of stools after finding pieces of old cork washed upon the shore. Cork is a comfortable seating material with a natural water resistance, so it would be ideal for a kitchen or bar area. The oak frame has a traditional influence which gives the design a friendly countenance.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $175.00
    Available from: Hem

    11+ Bottle Humidifier

    A small, unobtrusive humidifier is just the thing to combat dry air. You won’t trip over it, nor will it disturb your perfectly calibrated interior setting. The 11+ Bottle Humidifier does its job without causing any fuss; a small dimming LED shows its operating status and it automatically shuts off when the water runs out. It’s also easy to clean and powered by USB.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $90.00
    Available from: Leibel