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Articles Written by Katie


About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Greenlid Compostable Compost Bin

Thank goodness, no more messiness. We can now throw the bin into the compost and avoid the inevitable cleanup of gross leaks. Greenlid makes all this possible by providing compostable compost bins made of locally-recycled cardboard. You get one dishwasher-safe reusable lid to keep odors in and fruit flies out. When the bin is full, remove the lid, seal it with a paper top, and toss the whole thing into your compost. Order refills when you run out; well worth the zero clean up, right?

Purchase Information:

Price: $18.49
Available from: Greenlid

Plant-In City Mini Terrariums

Okay, stick with me here. Think of this strange terrarium as an “architectural plant system” and you’ll most likely understand the appeal. Yes? No? Despite your love (or hate) of the cantilevered top and sparse cacti arrangements, you must see how one of these Minis would fit in well with any interesting interior, as they’re a sculptural and artistic way to add plants into a space with a minimal vibe.

Purchase Information:

Price: $275.00
Available from: HomeMade

Cork Family Stools

Lest we forget, Jasper Morrison’s Cork Family is a smart choice for any living area. Each piece could be a side table or stool and is light enough to move around easily. Cork is also pretty tough, so you wouldn’t need to be too precious with keeping it away from kids. Oh, and you could also use them outside if you so desire. Available in 3 different styles (and yes, they’re priced individually).

Purchase Information:

Price: $485.00 - 490.00
Available from: Lumens

H55 Easy Chair

Might this be the nicest deck chair ever to pass before our eyes? Designed by Björn Hultén in 1954 and first used by Swedish king Gustav VI Adolf, it certainly has a veritable pedigree, if you care about that sort of thing. An adjustable head cushion and four different seat tilt options ensures comfort, as it should for the price. Folds flat for storage or transport. Available in Black, Oatmeal, and White.

Purchase Information:

Price: $900.00
Available from: Dwell

Steel Tool Box

It’s a no nonsense tool box, on sale. Two-tier, so you’ll be able to fit larger items below and smaller items above, and it’s in a two-tone steel and black powdercoat finish so it won’t mess up your interior style. Now, just what will you organize with the help of this Italian tool box? Your tools, of course, or your crafts, or picnic supplies… whatever you want.

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.99
Available from: CB2

Abeego Food Wraps

You recycle everything, you minimize car travel, you try very hard to buy local foods, so why the hell are you still using plastic bags for food storage? Maybe you could take one tiny extra step and get some reusable food storage wraps.

The Abeego material is a hemp and cotton fabric infused with a blend of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil that keeps food fresh. What? Huh? How? Keep your pants on, and listen. When at room temperature, the cloth is slightly adhesive and malleable, and when it’s cool, it stiffens and holds the form you create. The natural coating is fluid and air resistant, and you just hand-wash in cold water to clean. There are a couple of drawbacks, though: no dishwasher or microwave use, and you might be accused of being a hippie. Maybe.

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.00-18.00
Available from: ABEEGO

Friday Links

Leff Art Studio by TBD Architecture + Design Studio.

– More translucent polycarbonate cladding on the Minima Moralia, “a compact, modular steel frame assembly with infinite possibilities for customization.”

– The best drying rack I’ve seen thus far: Hang Bird

An Architect’s Summer House in Hälsingland, Sweden.

– Fun! Inlaid Soap by Wary Meyers

A Visual Search Engine for the Aerial Patterns of Cities

– More summery Pins for your shirts and bags.

Enjoy the weekend!

MinifarmBox Rolling Patio Box

Oh, it’s just a box, you say, so why does it cost $200+? Well, it has heavy-duty swivel casters, so you can move it around for maximum sun, it’s made from 100% untreated FSC certified cedar, so it’ll last for years and years, and the slatted base has a soil screen to keep things tidy. And, it takes less than ten minutes to assemble, meaning you’ll have a garden box for your patio or kitchen quicker than you can make dinner.

Purchase Information:

Price: $229.00
Available from: MinifarmBox

2213 House Numbers

How about some new numbers to update your home’s facade? You just can’t go wrong with these very cool numbers from 2213* LIXHT. They’re made of steel and powder coated, so they may even last longer than your house. And, don’t tell anyone, but I think these might just be slightly better than the styling of the Neutra Numbers (sacrilege!). LIXHT also has thicker VM-001 Aluminum Numbers ($90 ea.) if you want a heftier look.

Purchase Information:

Price: $32.00
Available from: LIXHT

Sail Rope Mat

If you’re going to add a little nautical flair to your surroundings, please, please, please make it one of these rope mats by Sophie Aschauer. Reclaimed sailing ropes are woven with four different knots- referred to as “Bonny”, “Drake”, “Morgan” and “Killigrew” (pirates from the 17th century, by the way)- into doormats or smaller sized area rugs. Remember that the rope is reclaimed, so they’ll show a little bit of wear, but that’s a small price to pay for such color and texture.

Purchase Information:

Price: $249.00 and up
Available from: SerpentSea

The Twill Weekender

I don’t need any more weekend bags, but I sure am tempted by this one from Everlane. At $98, it’s just enough of an ‘affordable’ choice that it has me thinking my luggage needs an overhaul, and the reverse denim version with leather details is mighty easy on the eyes. There’s several other color options too.

Purchase Information:

Price: $98.00
Available from: Everlane

Eiko Task Lamp

Maybe this little guy will help you get back to work after the summer holiday. Its long, slender arm will hover over your workspace while the LED bulb will provide bright yet low-energy light. The powdercoated matte black finish keeps things simple and enhances the streamlined look.

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Available from: CB2

Happy Fourth of July!

Here’s hoping you have an excellent Fourth of July weekend. We’ll be taking the rest of the week off to spend time with people that don’t annoy us. Be safe and have a great holiday weekend!

Shown above: Bodum Fyrkat Picnic Charcoal Grill, $68.50. Also available directly from Bodum.

Shown below: Litho Hammock: American Pride, $80.75

Litho Hammock, American Pride

Hedley & Bennett Aprons

Oh, what to wear when you’re making a brilliant meal indoors or grilling outside with your Italian Barbecue Tool Set? You can’t risk ruining your clothes, dressed to perfection (as you always are). Not to worry, don one of these denim aprons by Hedley & Bennett and then carry on with your culinary prowess.

Purchase Information:

Price: $75.00 and up
Available from: Hedley & Bennett

Q Knot Reusable Zip Ties

These sound handy enough, don’t they? Reusable zip ties could be used to manage unruly cords, seal up snack bags, and all those other things your imagination can think of. Made of rubber, they’re easy to release for reuse. Get a pack of 25 ties for $7 and divide them between your kitchen, office, and garage.

Purchase Information:

Price: $6.95
Available from: Jet