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About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Trusco Tool Box TY-410-SV

Would you happen to need a small-ish Trusco Tool Box? Don’t worry, I’m not going to link you to a Craigslist ad, it’s just that this one is quite affordable and looks to be almost indestructible. It might be a good home for the odd medley of screwdrivers, hammers and nails you have yet to find a resting spot for, or, maybe it could even hold your sewing tools or drawing supplies? And, for an extra dose of cute (if a toolbox can be cute) is the smaller sized TY-320-SV ($45).

Purchase Information:

Price: $60.00
Available from: Hand-Eye Supply

Stol Guitar Stand

I think I linked to this on a previous Friday Links list, but a few new product photos get it extra recognition. The Stol is a collapsible guitar stand that’s very easy on the eyes. It’s composed of two A-frame pieces that slot together to create a simple stand worthy of your best guitar. Knock the stand back down for flat storage, no tools necessary.

Purchase Information:

Price: $179.00
Available from: Hudson Valley Hard Goods

Bookends by DANIEL/EMMA

It’s next to impossible for me to pass up a pair of delightfully simple bookends, and, of course, these are by DANIEL/EMMA, so I really have no choice but to show them to you. Machined from a single block of granite, each bookend set will support the heaviest books in your collection, no doubt about it. What else to say? Choose the Jet Black, so you can sit back with a glass of your favorite beverage (whiskey from Japan?) and look very, very cool amongst your minimal, dark things. Bonus points if you choose to read something esoteric or existential (either will do) while occasionally glancing up to appreciate your smart abode.

Purchase Information:

Price: $180.00
Available from: Field

Frames 2.0 Grid Bookcase

This isn’t your normal bookcase, as it doesn’t have solid shelves. Instead it’s composed of 12 wooden frames, all open in the middle. Books may still be balanced over the frames, of course, but other possibilities arise when considering the use of the middle space; things like planters or containers can hang from the frames, thus enabling you to create a versatile bookcase or room divider. When packed, all the wooden frames fit together to create a long, flat, easy-to-ship box.

Purchase Information:

Price: €1495
Available from: Gerard de Hoop

Peek LED Table Lamp

The Peek LED Table Lamp is a cute little thing, isn’t it? It swivels 360° around its heavy metal base and has an adjustable shade for the right diffused-yet-direct light. Simply touch the tip of the stem to dim the light to your preferred brightness. Look closer and you’ll see that the base has a concave top that can hold smaller items like paperclips, jewelry, and coins. Could it be the perfect companion to your desktop or bedside table? I’d say so.

Purchase Information:

Price: $349.95
Available from: YLighting

The Bouclier Visor

Commuting or running errands on your bike is good for the environment and good for your health- except when all that time out in the sun results in your face soaking up dangerous UV rays. Protect your face with the Bouclier Visor. It fits onto your existing helmet with two peel-and-stick helmet mounts- super easy and detachable- and once on, you can pivot it up and down as needed. It shields your entire face from the sun, so there will be no need to reapply sunblock (or age prematurely). Back the project over at Kickstarter.

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.00
Available from: Kickstarter

Anamorphosis Mirror

This mirror will play around with your perception of its shape, as the oval will distort and change as you change your perspective. Particularly suited for make-up application, the mirror shows both the front and sides of the face, which allows you a full three dimensional view of your face as the world sees it, in all its wondrous glory.

Purchase Information:

Price: $235.00
Available from: Dwell Store

Weaver Tea Jar and Infuser set

A good tea canister and infuser can make all the difference in making a cup of tea. Hot water and tea may be the ingredients, but the whole process is enjoyed all the more with elegant tools. This copper Weaver Tea Jar by Toast Living will hold your leaves in pride of place while the small infuser will make brewing a special event with a stainless steel basket and a terra-cotta lid.

Purchase Information:

Price: $75.00
Available from: designboom store

Donna Wilson Pouffes

These pouffes (or poufs, as you might call them) not only add pattern and interest to a room, but also they add a soft texture to a seating area. Plus, you can’t go wrong with anything done by Donna Wilson, or maybe you can and I just refuse to believe it. I actually have one Henry and one Ernest Pouffe in my living room, and we use them every evening as foot rests. Super comfortable. Now on sale from The Future Perfect.

-Each is made by hand stuffing Calico bags and upholstering them with knitted panels, reminiscent of segments of an orange.
-Upholstered in a specially designed Donna Wilson knitted wool pattern made in Scotland.

Henry Pouf, 16″ x 16″, $393.00 $195.00
Frank Pouf, 31.5″ W x 16″ H, $625.00, (not available)
Ernest Pouf, 24″ x 12″ H, $608.00, $300.00

Donna Wilson Pouffes

Updated price and link; originally from our archives (posted Jun 29, 2009).

Purchase Information:

Price: $195.00 - 300.00
Available from: The Future Perfect

Screwdriver MINI +|-

Do you remember the Screwpop Screwdriver? Here’s an even tinier version called the Screwdriver MINI +|-. It’s about 2/3 the size and weight of the original, yet has the same strength and function. Stick it on your keyring and be at the ready with a bottle opener and micro screwdriver whenever and wherever you might need it.

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.00
Available from: Kickstarter

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ELERT Illuminated Sports Backpack

Stores Suffer From a Shift of Behavior in Buyers

‘Living Things’ (via unconsumption)

Have a great weekend.

Jacob Ethan Living Things


Clever! This V-LITE Lamp doubles as a wall sconce- just hang it up by its foot/feet when you need more space on your nightstand or desk. The perforated metal shade gives off a wonderful pattern on the wall, as you can see, and is adjustable to get light right where you need it. Should we be surprised that this is a Commune and Atelier de Troupe collaboration? Nope, it’s too good to not have had several brains involved.

Purchase Information:

Price: $365.00
Available from: Commune

HAY Tree Trunk Vase

There’s nothing like a couple of Tree Trunk Vases to cheer you up. This cartoonish version of a tree trunk by British designer Richard Woods is for the newish Wrong for Hay collection (take a look, everything is pretty fun). Yes, that’s the same Richard Woods of the Wrongwoods line, which is an earlier collaboration between Woods and Sebastian Wrong (thank goodness they get along). I bet this vase would bring thoughts of happy characters triapsing through the woods, and also provide an excellent receptacle for branches, flowers and stems, of course.

Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00 - 89.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker

You might think this coffee maker looks like a chemistry experiment, and that’s entirely understandable due to its beaker-like tank. Any avid coffee fan knows that it takes a precise temperature and water control to create the perfect cup, and this automatic filter brewer is made for a professional barista’s exactitude*. It also looks pretty cool in action, as heated water (of an optimal 197ºF–205ºF temperature, as recommended by the SCAA) is extracted from the water tank and pumped into the double-wall filter holder. Watch it in action on the retailer’s site to see the full effect.

Purchase Information:

Price: $249.95 - 329.95
Available from: Williams Sonoma

Frame Hi Bed

As you get older, do you feel like your taste in furniture becomes more expensive? If so, let’s commiserate together. I’m trying to settle on furnishings for a lake house, and it’s been a continual push and pull between budget constraints and nicer items of quality. Case in point, do I splurge on beds, as they’re the main item in a bedroom, and thus will most likely be there forever? Or do I settle for a pretty good alternative, as I’ll probably be the only one that notices the finer details between the two? Hmm, choices.

Purchase Information:

Price: $3,212.00 - 3,528.00
Available from: Hivemodern