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Heavenly Scales by Richard Lee

The creative director of Naked and Angry contacted us about their line of short-run designer wallpapers which you can vote on to determine whether they will be produced. The designs are distinctive and powerful and would work well to highlight one wall or section of your house.

Purchase Information:

Price: $60
Availability: Buy Heavenly Scales by Richard Lee here

Hide-away Door

Have you ever wanted a secret hiding place in your home? Now’s your chance. This door poses as a book-shelf, making it possible to conceal an entire section of your home. If your house is small, maybe you could make your closet into a meth-lab. just kidding.

Available in several different sizes, styles and shelf widths.

Purchase Information:

Price: $700.00
Availability: Buy Hide-away Door here

Paint by Number Wallpaper

This might be a day late and a dollar more than you would like to spend, but I thought I’d include it anyway just in case you have an urge for painting your own wallpaper.

Includes 13 acrylic paints and imported from the UK. Measures 20.5″ x 30 feet.

Purchase Information:

Price: $125.00
Availability: Buy Paint by Number Wallpaper here

Soft Washbowl by Hella Jongerius

I seriously doubt you’d run across this in your local hardware store, and I suppose that’s one of the reasons it’s so intriguing.

“This design classic was designed by Hella Jongerius for droog design.
The oval shape was generated by gently pushing the round basic shape inwards and the shape was “frozen” by manipulating the thickness of the skin.”

16″ x 12″ x 8″
Materials: Soft Polyurethane

Purchase Information:

Price: $533.00
Availability: Buy Soft Washbowl by Hella Jongerius here

Wallpaper-By-Numbers™, Hammerhead Sharks

So, maybe you’ve noticed that it’s hard to not come across some wallpaper pattern on all the sites nowadays. But- this one is of hammerhead sharks, so that makes it slightly more interesting. Whether you color them in or not is completely up to you…

20.5″ x 33′

Purchase Information:

Price: $95.00
Availability: Buy Wallpaper-By-Numbers™, Hammerhead Sharks here

CHIMO Fireplace

This just went to the top of my personal wishlist:

“Blomus’ indoor fireplace is a breakthrough in indoor ambience that mounts on any wall with no need for a chimney, gas line or professional installation. The fireplace installs in minutes by mounting to any wall in your home. Now, you can easily create a comforting atmosphere for your living room, bedroom, bathroom or dining room. Simply mount to the wall, fill the reservoir, light it up and enjoy.

The secret is that the flame is generated from Ethanol which is a safe, clean burning fuel that is completely organic and made from renewable resources like corn, potatoes, wheat and other vegetables. Furthermore, Ethanol is green since it is not a fossil-fuel and burning it does not increase the greenhouse effect like other fuels.

Dimensions: 27.55″ W x 27.55″ H x 6.29″ D.

Correction: One of our chemistry-minded readers told us that the retailer’s statement that ethanol is a “green” resource is not correct. While it is a renewable resource, it does increase the greenhouse effect, because any combustion reaction involving a hydrocarbon creates carbon dioxide. So while ethanol does burn cleaner than traditional fuels, it is not 100% green.

Thanks Matt!

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,565.00
Availability: Buy CHIMO Fireplace here

HZL – Rue Oberkampf Lounge Rug

Rugs are definitely a worthwhile investment for your home, and this one is spectacular.
It’s neutral enough that you could change a room’s color without replacing it, yet it’s got enough detail with the tree branches to stand on its own. Really lovely.

100% New Zealand Wool.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1395
Availability: Buy HZL – Rue Oberkampf Lounge Rug here

Saarinen Side Tables

These are probably familiar to you, but considering the collection is half a century old this year, it’s worth another look. Available in a variety of materials and sizes (the dining and coffee tables deserve their own post).

“…to celebrate their 50th Anniversary, every table ordered between August 1, 2007 and August 1, 2008 will ship with an anniversary medallion and a commemorative edition of the certificate of authenticity.”

H 20″ x Diameter 20″

Purchase Information:

Price: $609.00
Availability: Buy Saarinen Side Tables here

Spy Clock by Pieter Woudt

Become an omnipresent time-teller for only $25…

“A convex glass mirror with sleek metal hands, the Spy Clock lets you know what’s going on at all times. One AA-battery (not included).”

Size: 12diam. x 2″d

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00
Availability: Buy Spy Clock by Pieter Woudt here

Soft Vase by Hella Jongerius

If you’re into the flexible vase idea, here’s a much larger one that will fit all your floral arrangements.

“Sometimes the most beautiful objects are the ones with the most interesting flaws. Such is the case with Hella Jongerius’s Soft Vase. Instead of removing the air bubbles that naturally form in production, they are left in to decorate the flexible, polyurethane vase.”

Natural or Blue

7.5″Ø x 10.25″H

Purchase Information:

Price: $205
Availability: Buy Soft Vase by Hella Jongerius here

Restless by mikiya kobayashi


“restless, or uki hashi are chopsticks that don’t need a chopstick rest. because of their shape, the tips won’t touch the table when they’re set down. you’ll find comfort in their simple design.”

Black, Mustard, Red, or Off-White.

Purchase Information:

Price: $12
Availability: Buy Restless by mikiya kobayashi here

Cox Chair

Crafted from three-dimensional veneer, this chair was recognized with a Frankfurt Messe Design Plus Prize, which is awarded to products that have a combination of innovative technology and design. It’s simply one of the loveliest chairs available, and it’s now on sale.

“Strong and comfortable, the Cox Chair swivels on its four slim legs and the deep seat is slightly shaped like a Windsor chair. Lightly scaled, with soft curves and clearly defined edges, it is suitable for dining, lounge or office.”

H 33.5″ W 23.5″ D 23.5″
Seat H 18″ Arm H 24.5″

*Also, DWR is running a combo sale- buy a combo of 6 tables, chairs or stools, Save 15%…so that’s a sizable savings to figure in.

Purchase Information:

Price: $850
Availability: Buy Cox Chair here

Take Away by Sigurdur Gustafsson

The Take Away lamp can go on the wall, ceiling, or floor, making for a very flexible light source.

Made in fibreglass fabric, 25 W bulb.
Height 38 cm, width 32 cm.

Purchase Information:

Price: $83.64
Availability: Buy Take Away by Sigurdur Gustafsson here

Nicole Ottoman

Large ottomans for coffee tables are one of the better ideas for a living room. It’s much more comfortable to put your feet up on something soft than on wood or glass, of course, but it also softens up the whole feel of the room, eliminating those hard corners that our shins inevitably find one way or another. Large ottomans like this can also double as extra seating for large gatherings as well.

Black or Grey leather, stainless base
L36″ x W36″ x H16″

Purchase Information:

Price: $870.00
Availability: Buy Nicole Ottoman here

Chilewich Woodgrain Mat

The new Woodgrain Mat from the Chilewich Collection is superb. It would be the perfect
thing to warm up a concrete floor.

“Recreating the look of plain-sawn wood by weaving vinyl yarns on industrial looms, the Woodgrain Mat combines the beauty of natural wood with the durability and practicality of a manmade material. The unbound edge provides a clean, simple line. Plynyl is contract-quality and both stain and water resistant. A polyurethane backing, made from 15%-20% recycled contents, provides extra durability for most any application, from residential to retail to hospitality.”

Woven vinyl; polyurethane backing.

Driftwood or Pecan.

Small, W 52″ L 72″, $350

Large, W 70″ L 108″, $580

Purchase Information:

Price: $350
Availability: Buy Chilewich Woodgrain Mat here

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