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Push Pull Rotate Door Knobs

Push Pull Rotate Door Knobs

While these door knobs from Brinks Home Security aren’t as visually appealing as a minimalist/modernist would hope, they do pack a certain punch in terms of function. Simply push, pull, or rotate the door knob to open a door. Have your arms full of groceries/kids/laundry/etc? Use your hip/elbow/knee/whatever to push the knob and open the door.

As a side note, I’m not too fond of the decorative rose, and wish there was a simpler/modern option, but then again, I fully admit to being a big design snob. If you’re not as picky and realize the convenience might just be worth it, know that installation looks to be simple enough for anyone who owns a screwdriver.

“Brinks Home Security PUSH PULL ROTATE Knobs and Levers are available for both exterior and interior doors, with matching deadbolts to provide the highest level of security.”

Available from Lowe's, 24.97 - 32.97.

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