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Chimo Fireplace Sale

If you’re lacking a fireplace, chances are you’ve seen and thought about adding one of these guys to your living area. Well, not sure if this sways your purchasing decision, but you can get 15% off of any Chimo Fireplace from UMA currently, so you might give some serious thought to it especially as the colder season creeps closer.

blomus have designed a genuine problem-solver for an indoor environment that would love a fireplace but lacks a chimney or gas line. All blomus fireplaces have been tested and approved by UL for sufficient fire protection and operational safety such as fire protection requirements, accumulation of emissions and fuel flow-rate. blomus Bio-Ethanol has a fuel value of app. 8,2 kWh/kg. On maximum user-adjustment blomus fireplaces will burn app. 0,23 โ€“ 0,50 kg fuel per hour. They are not intended to be or suitable as a room heater.

Chimo Wave Ventless Wall Mount Fireplace, $1,565.00 Sale Price: $1,330.25
Chimo Floor Swivel Fireplace, $1,970.00 Sale Price: $1,674.50

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,330.25
Availability: Buy Chimo Fireplace Sale here

Artwork in a Bag

Missing those period details that older buildings have? Well, here you go, no dust or expensive contract installations, just hang up these painted wall panels. Also, check out the Louis Fireplace Slipcover ($475 ( 5′-6″ l x 4′-6″ h x 1′-0″ d)) for a quick fix to your fireplace.

“original artwork with no two alike …acrylic painted canvas faux wall panels with grommets for easy wall hanging installation.” -ridiculous design

Louis XLarge: $2995.00 (7′-6″ high x 17′-3″ wide)
Louis Medium: $1299.00 (7′-6″ high x 10′-0″ wide)
Louis Small: $999.00 (7′-6″ high x 6′-0″ wide)
custom sizes and custom color available on request
Buy it here.

More information:

View Artwork in a Bag here


Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of sprucing up my plain brick fireplace in favor of something a little more decorative. Purchasing a wood fireplace surround is a relatively inexpensive solution, and there are several retailers selling various styles and sizes.

I can’t decide if I want to paint it black or white, but this one is certainly striking, especially with the Osbourne and Little wallpaper.

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More information:

View Mantels here

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Malm Fireplace

If you’ve spent any time browsing through mid century inspired interiors, you’re sure to have come across the Malm Fireplace. While I’m no expert on fireplaces and construction, it does seem like this would be (relatively) easy to install, and perhaps a lot less expensive than adding a traditional fireplace and flue.

The Malm Fireplace can be used indoors or out, and comes with a three-piece flue for ceilings up to eight feet. (Additional flue pieces are available for taller ceilings.) The advantage of a freestanding fireplace is that it heats up and radiates more efficiently. And unlike traditional wood-burning stoves, the Malm Fireplace gives you a clear view of the fire from a variety of angles.

H 96″ W 34″ D 34″
Steel; white porcelain finish; removable front screen.
H 96″ W 34″ D 34″
(Flue Extension, H 24″ Diameter 8″, $150.00)

$1,500.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,500.00
Availability: Buy Malm Fireplace here

Idea: Non-functioning fireplace

I’m not sure if you’ve had the distinct displeasure of getting an estimate for repairing a non-working fireplace, but let me tell you, it’s more than you probably care to spend. I know it’s certainly more than I care to spend. Anyway, this post started out being about bath planning (hence the photo via Kohler featuring the Provinity vanity), but then I found this fantastic image of a non-functioning fireplace filled with fire wood.

Now say that five times fast.

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