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Loft Access by Tamir Addadi Architecture

Let’s just take a moment to admire this small staircase connecting a cramped hallway to a loft attic space. Seeing the ‘before’ and then the ‘after’ pictures (both below), you get a sense of just how much of a difference the narrow staircase makes, especially in that oodles of additional light is gained from getting rid of the old attic hatch, and, of course, the ease of accessibility to a formerly underutilized space. Really, it’s an A+ job from Tamir Addadi Architecture.


Salvaged Staircase

Jan Korbes’s Garbage Architecture used the remnants of the antique floor and construction wood from the Schloss Wiesenburg to create this impressive staircase. Designed in the ‘shape of add-on boxes supporting itself as a constructed, empty beam’, it has the lightness of a floating staircase with the texture and history of the castle itself.

Built in cooperation with Judith van der Meer.

More information:

View Salvaged Staircase here

Source: treehugger

Inspiration: Stair Materials

I’ve had these two images in my inspiration folder for a while now. The mirrored stairs shown on the left is from photographer Polly Wrenford’s portfolio, but I didn’t have much luck with referencing the one on the right. If you have info, please let me know.

Unpainted Stair Runner

You might have seen this idea before, but to those of you who haven’t, how good does this unpainted stair runner look? I think it adds interest to the all-white interior, and makes sense as far as wear and tear.

AT did a post on painted stair runners discussing options and durability issues. Be sure to check their comments for reader suggestions.

(Forgive me for not including the source on this photo; I can’t remember where I found it.)

Hidden Staircase

Besides being perfectly lovely, this five story house in Tokyo has a hidden staircase(!). I fully recommend looking through the pics.

To see more pics of Long Tall House, click here.

[to read more about the project, visit dezeen]

Cantilevered Stairs at Stairporn

I just found these fantastic cantilevered stairs over at stairporn.

[posted by kris]

(This item’s link and price was updated 11/19/09.)