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inLove Custom Hardwood Flooring

If you’re looking for a hardwood flooring in a custom color, you’ll be more than happy to see the options from this particular collection. However, have a long hard think about the more adventurous colors, as it would be a very sad thing to have them installed and paid for only to find out that the color is really wrong for the space. For instance, this Blossom Red wouldn’t work everywhere; perhaps err on the side of caution with a more subtle or deeper shade of the color you prefer. Also, ‘custom’ usually means a bit more money out of pocket, so you might even want to get a design pro’s advice before making your selection.

Purchase Information:

Price: $Price on request
Available from: PID Floors

Marbelous Wood

I know I linked to this last Friday, but it’s too good not to get it’s own spot. Pernille Snedker Hansen of snedker°studio has used an old marbling technique to create this semi-psychedelic flooring. The growth rings play along with the hand applied colors, making an organic overlapping arch pattern. It’s an altogether different option than you’ll find at your local hardware store, isn’t it? Sure, it might not work in every home, but it would make one heck of a statement in the right space.

Purchase Information:

Price: $Available upon request
Available from: Snedker Studio

Source: cabbagerose

Home of Sara Camre, Architect

Hellooo lovely white floors and walls, so nice to meet you. And, may I say your truck-mural-in-the-hallway has me tongue tied? It knocked me over the head… in a good way, of course.

This home of Sara Camre is a perfect example of how using white on floors and walls can really make furniture and art ‘pop’, even when the colors are softer shades/hues. I wish I had the guts to do a white floor somewhere, but each place I’ve lived has had really pretty wood floors, so there’s been no real need other than my curiosity to see how it might look.

Update: found more pics at

[via heyhome]

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Penny Floor

I’m sure I’ve seen or heard of this before, but these pictures are worth a look. Notcot did a post on The Standard Grill’s (left) floor with some commentary (including a how-to and legal tender issues) that led to a link of Paul Smith’s boutique (right) in Paris with the same idea on the walls.

[via materialicious via notcot]

Popham Design Tiles

Handmade tiles usually aren’t the sort of thing I like, but these by Popham Design are so graphically strong I can’t help but like them.

popham design brings a modern design sensibility to the tradition of Moroccan cement tiles. Our tiles are made by hand by skilled artisans in our Marrakech factory. The designs take their aesthetic cue from our life in Morocco and the things that inspire us…Grouped into four collections – scribbles + loops, classics + twists, flora + fauna, and plain + shapely – the patterns within each are designed to be flexible so that the same tiles can be arranged in numerous layouts. In conjunction with our color palette, popham design tiles encourage creativity. “Have fun and show us what you can do,” they seem to say. popham design tiles are suitable as wall and floor coverings for residential and commercial environments – and appropriate for both interior and exterior applications.

Buy it here.

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More information:

View Popham Design Tiles here

tham and videgard hansson arkitekts

Whoa, check out this apartment with its crazy color-transitional parquet floors. Not sure how much I’d like to live there with that much color all the time, but it’s certainly nice to look at. Visit designboom for bigger/more pics.

they used patterns and colour to order space in previous projects that the occupants had seen.
the overlapping colours transform the layout of the apartment and add a new structure of spaces
linked to each other across the original plan. the parquet floor also function as a uniting system
that offer design possibilities. once they had set up colours in different shades, they developed
each room in relation to the others, every piece of parquet was defined to fit into the right postion,
there was no random factor in the construction process. -designboom

[via designboom]

[posted by katie]

Ting’s Leather Belt Floor Tiles

I remember posting Ting Studio’s Belt Floor Mat back in June of 2007 and it blew me away. But this, this is really spectacular. You can have a whole floor of recycled leather belts. There’s not a whole lot of info on the site (that I could find), but Met Home’s May issue (pg 74) lists the floor tiles at $75 per square foot. It’s expensive, but man, it might just be worth it.

Apartment Therapy has a little more info about the floor tiles too if you’re interested.

$75/sq ft., Buy it here.

(Also, I wonder how easy it would be to replicate this yourself? You’d have to do some hunting at resale shops for the belts, but as far as adhesive I just don’t know…)

Purchase Information:

Price: $75
Availability: Buy Ting’s Leather Belt Floor Tiles here

Tetris Tiles

I probably played Tetris for hours on end in 6th grade. I have been reacquainted with Tetris recently while at a friend’s house who still has her old Nintendo, so it’s great to see it being used here in a home application. I’m not quite sure it would be a match in my home, but I do really love the idea. Perfect for a kids bath perhaps?

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More information:

View Tetris Tiles here

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Foundry Maple reclaimed floors

If faced with obtaining new flooring in a remodel or new construction, I would never opt for new wood because of the sustainability issues, but these reclaimed floors are quite stunning and would be a great juxtapose for super sleek and modern white walls and furnishings. Ideally, you could find a local reclaiming mill so you’re not paying for transport of wood for long distances.

[posted by kris]

Epoxy Floors

The Apartment did this remodel using self-leveling Epoxy for a super sheeny, modern look. It’s an economical way to create a fresh-slate for tired floors.

[posted by kris]

More information:

View Epoxy Floors here

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Custom Gradient Mosaic Tile

I’m loving this custom gradient tile from Hakatai as seen in the Drury Plaza Hotel. Hakatai has a gradient tool on their website so you can create your own Gradient tile. Pretty stunning.

[posted by kris]

Penny Tile

Penny tile is really quite versatile. It can be used on floors and walls in old homes and new construction alike. It can even be used in both residential and commercial without looking out of place.

I love the look in this home. And, at $5.75 a square foot it’s fairly economical too.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $5.75
Availability: Buy Penny Tile here

Heath 2×12 Tiles

This smattering of 2×12 shiny tiles with the matte green is lovely.

Photo: Clear Creek Spa by Merideth Boswell in Meadow Green, Jade Green and Seafoam using 2×12 tiles.

More information:

View Heath 2×12 Tiles here

Subhead Anti-slip Stickers

Originally used on skateboards, these cool anti-slip stickers are now being made for residential and commercial uses.

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00
Availability: Buy Subhead Anti-slip Stickers here

Flor Carpets

I love these Flor carpet tiles. The best thing is, if you stain a tile, you can just replace one without having to replace the whole carpet.

Tiles measure 19.5″ x 19.5″.

Purchase Information:

Price: $8.99
Availability: Buy Flor Carpets here