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Tiles/wet surface


You’re probably thinking that those are stone tiles above, but, surprise, those tiles are made from recycled and reclaimed sources of paper-laminate. Paper-laminate? Yep, you read it right. Slate-ish is lightweight, strong, durable, and easy to install, and with geometric shapes like Hex, Tri, and Para, I think it’ll make it onto many of our future remodeling materials list.

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00 / sq. ft.
Available from: Slate-ish

Source: Pinterest

Clayhaus Ceramics

Clayhaus Ceramics has quite the array of tiles to choose from; they carry traditional patterns to a little more ‘out there’ designs, all of which would fit well within a more modern home. All of their products are handcrafted in the US, and take about four to six weeks for delivery.

Clayhaus Ceramic tiles are available from your local dealer (or contact Clayhaus directly for info).

Purchase Information:

Price: $available upon request
Available from: Clayhaus Ceramics

Customized Tile Mosaics

You can take any .jpg and make into a custom tile mosaic. Oh, just think of the possibilities… I’d recommend putting some thought into it as you’ll be spending around $149 per square foot, but man-oh-man, there’s a ton of great images you could use for a bathroom wall (or anywhere else tile is appropriate). Any digital image will work, so if you’ve got a favorite snapshot or piece of artwork, start there. Available from Top Hat Tile.


Teeny Tiles

You might have seen these before, but considering they usually ship out in 48 hours, they might be a good gift idea if you’re still running around trying to find stuff. Whether intended as tilework in a kitchen or bathroom or as a magnet, it’d be a great way to memorialize favorite images (good or bad) of your friends or family.

2? ร— 2? ร— .25? ceramic tiles printed with your images.
Each Teeny Tile comes with an adhesive magnet that you can apply to the back of the tile.

Holiday sale price is $3.99 (normal cost is $5.00).

[via Incredible Things]

Purchase Information:

Price: $3.99
Availability: Buy Teeny Tiles here

Source: Via

Capitonné Tile by Rex Ceramiche Artistiche

Why, hello there you lovely tufted tiles. How much are you and how long is your lead time?

Available in 14 colors (both a matte and glossy finish).

From Rex Ceramiche Artistiche.
To request quote: Buy it here or here.

Popham Design Tiles

Handmade tiles usually aren’t the sort of thing I like, but these by Popham Design are so graphically strong I can’t help but like them.

popham design brings a modern design sensibility to the tradition of Moroccan cement tiles. Our tiles are made by hand by skilled artisans in our Marrakech factory. The designs take their aesthetic cue from our life in Morocco and the things that inspire us…Grouped into four collections – scribbles + loops, classics + twists, flora + fauna, and plain + shapely – the patterns within each are designed to be flexible so that the same tiles can be arranged in numerous layouts. In conjunction with our color palette, popham design tiles encourage creativity. “Have fun and show us what you can do,” they seem to say. popham design tiles are suitable as wall and floor coverings for residential and commercial environments – and appropriate for both interior and exterior applications.

Buy it here.

[via dwell]

More information:

View Popham Design Tiles here

Recycled Mosaic Glass Tile by Vidrepur

I’m loving these recycled glass mosaic tiles.

These environmentally friendly glass tiles are made of 100% recycled glass. The only truly “green” tile available, can be used on walls, backsplashes, countertops, floors and pools.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $16.46
Availability: Buy Recycled Mosaic Glass Tile by Vidrepur here

Tetris Tiles

I probably played Tetris for hours on end in 6th grade. I have been reacquainted with Tetris recently while at a friend’s house who still has her old Nintendo, so it’s great to see it being used here in a home application. I’m not quite sure it would be a match in my home, but I do really love the idea. Perfect for a kids bath perhaps?

[posted by kris]

More information:

View Tetris Tiles here

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Custom Gradient Mosaic Tile

I’m loving this custom gradient tile from Hakatai as seen in the Drury Plaza Hotel. Hakatai has a gradient tool on their website so you can create your own Gradient tile. Pretty stunning.

[posted by kris]

Hand Glazed Tile

Here’s something I never thought of: glazing your own tile. The owners of this home purchased inexpensive quarry tile along with some glaze and kiln time at a local pottery shop and made these lovely tiles for their bath. I think that would be a really satisfying DIY project.

[posted by kris]

Penny Tile

Penny tile is really quite versatile. It can be used on floors and walls in old homes and new construction alike. It can even be used in both residential and commercial without looking out of place.

I love the look in this home. And, at $5.75 a square foot it’s fairly economical too.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $5.75
Availability: Buy Penny Tile here

Natural Cork Mosaic Tile

Take a look at this penny sized cork tile- I really like the look and it gets a bunch of points for being recycled from the cork stopper industry’s by-product.

“Cork Mosaic Tile in this 1″ Penny Round style is perfect for walls and floors and even ceilings and is water resistant. So easy to install and seal for a waterproof and insulating flooring or wall covering. Sold by approximately 1 square foot (.92 sq ft per sheet)and comes in double sheets measuring 11.5 x 23(1.84 sq.ft. double sheet) for faster installation.”


Purchase Information:

Price: $14.95
Available from: modwalls

Heath 2×12 Tiles

This smattering of 2×12 shiny tiles with the matte green is lovely.

Photo: Clear Creek Spa by Merideth Boswell in Meadow Green, Jade Green and Seafoam using 2×12 tiles.

More information:

View Heath 2×12 Tiles here

Bits Hex Silver or Gold Mosaic Wall Tile

If you’re rollin’ in silver and gold (the real kind), then you perhaps will easily be able to shell out $125/square foot for these silver and gold wall tiles.

Merola Tile 12 In. x 12 In.-3/4 In. Bits Hex Porcelain Mosaic Wall Tile (1 Sq. Ft. per case)

Purchase Information:

Price: $125.00
Availability: Buy Bits Hex Silver or Gold Mosaic Wall Tile here

Source: Via

Stained Glass 2″ Luminous Tiles

I recently added some glass mosaic tiles to my kitchen back splash, and the slight reflection of the small squares add such a nice touch. Something to keep in mind if you’re itching to update your own kitchen or bath…

Shown on right: Diamond Tech Glass Tiles – Stained Glass 2″ Glass Tiles in Bright Green Luminous Non-Mesh Mounted Sheets
“These Glass tiles give a luminescent quality to any bathroom or kitchen installation. These tiles are great for walls, backsplashes and pools.”

– Sheet backing: Clear Plastic Front mount
– Sheet size: 12″ x 12″
– Tile size: 2″ x 2″

[photo on left via]

Purchase Information:

Price: $26.48
Availability: Buy Stained Glass 2″ Luminous Tiles here