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Wall applications

Bibliotheca Wallpaper by Ekaterina Panikanova

Old books! On your wall! With large paintings by Ekaterina Panikanova! I’m a little more excited about the books than the paintings (nothing against Ms. Panikanova, the paintings are lovely) but, hey, I’ll take ’em as intended. The wallpaper is heavy-duty, and is even washable with a soft cloth, so don’t be too terribly precious about where it is installed. Also, pay attention to the explanation of how the mural is laid out; it can be a tiny bit confusing at first glance.

Purchase Information:

Price: $153.00
Available from: NLXL


So…wood walls, yes or no? If your ‘no’ has aesthetic reasons, then I’ve got some images that might change your mind. If your answer is ‘yes, but…’ then join the club. Often wood walls are struck off the to-do list because of cost and installation, yet with the product Stikwood suddenly we’re thinking ‘hey, I could do that.’ Stikwood is just like its name- you stick the wood onto whatever surface you want. It’s got a peel-and-stick backing that makes it easy to attach, whether on a wall, ceiling, or furniture. How exactly does it work? Here’s the installation instructions. And, if you’re still not intrigued, here are a few images for inspiration (note: below images aren’t Stikwood products, just wood wall inspiration).

Purchase Information:

Price: $8.00 - 12.00 /sq. ft.
Available from: Stikwood


You’re probably thinking that those are stone tiles above, but, surprise, those tiles are made from recycled and reclaimed sources of paper-laminate. Paper-laminate? Yep, you read it right. Slate-ish is lightweight, strong, durable, and easy to install, and with geometric shapes like Hex, Tri, and Para, I think it’ll make it onto many of our future remodeling materials list.

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00 / sq. ft.
Available from: Slate-ish

Source: Pinterest

Dark Bookcase Wallpaper

If dark, moody, bookcases are your sort of thing, but you don’t have the budget to drop $10-20k for floor to ceiling shelves, don’t forget about wallpaper. The bookcase series by mineheart works for a focus wall, a nook, or a whole room, but do keep in mind the larger the wall, the more obvious the repeat might be. Done thoughtfully, it’s just the thing to add a little ambience to an otherwise boring area.

Purchase Information:

Price: £70.00
Available from: mineheart

Marble Wallpaper

What to do when you love the marble look on walls but can’t quite stomach the bill? Marble wallpaper, of course. And, even better, this wallpaper is from Ferm Living’s WallSmart line, which is a non-woven paper that is easier and faster to hang (apply paste to wall and then apply paper).


Purchase Information:

Price: $110.00
Available from: Ferm Living

Warez Rose Wallpaper

Nice job, Erich Ginder. This floral wallpaper is created from ASCII symbols. From far away, you see a dot-like floral motif; close up, you see a bunch of characters. Handmade in the United States.

Purchase Information:

Price: $140.00
Available from:

Scenic Wallpaper: Forêt Noire

How about some expensive wallpaper to start off your Monday morning? The Forêt Noire Scenic Wallpaper might be a tad high in price, but keep in mind you get a lot: 372 x 300 cm is just about 12′ x 10′, so it would take care of one large wall or a smaller room quite easily. Plus, you’ll have all sorts of woodland creatures to keep you company.

Purchase Information:

Price: €480.00
Available from: Store Without a Home

I See You Wallpaper

Give credence to your paranoia by putting up this googly-eyed wallpaper from Cavern Home. Now when you whisper “there are eyes everywhere!” whilst rocking back and forth on the floor, you can point to the wallpaper and everyone will understand.

Purchase Information:

Price: $155.00

Support BLTD by buying here.

Available from: Design Public

White Panelling wallpaper

Occasionally, panelling can add a nice architectural feel to a room. To be specific, I’m not talking of the dark vertical wood panelling that was popular in mid 60s-70s that you see everyone ripping out or painting over. I’m talking about white panelling done in a Georgian architectural style, as shown in the above photo. It adds a traditional element, and gives a nice contrast to modern furnishings and treatments.

Now, what’s special about the above photo is it’s wallpaper that appears to be panelling, which is just fantastic. While it’s not cheap (somewhere around £70 per roll), it most likely costs less than installing actual wood panelling, and it has the whole trompe l’oeil trickiness that us modern home owners love. Also, if you prefer a more ornate renaissance feel, Mineheart has a Stone Angels Wallpaper that mimics stone architectural details (shown below).


Purchase Information:

Price: £70.00 - 99.00
Available from: Mineheart

Clayhaus Ceramics

Clayhaus Ceramics has quite the array of tiles to choose from; they carry traditional patterns to a little more ‘out there’ designs, all of which would fit well within a more modern home. All of their products are handcrafted in the US, and take about four to six weeks for delivery.

Clayhaus Ceramic tiles are available from your local dealer (or contact Clayhaus directly for info).

Purchase Information:

Price: $available upon request
Available from: Clayhaus Ceramics

Ohoy Wallpaper

I’m tempted to buy this wallpaper. I don’t even have kids (it’d be perfect for a child’s room) and I’m thinking of which wall it would look best on. It’s made/designed by 8-year old Otto Dunker (son of Fine Little Day‘s Elisabeth Dunker) and has the best scrawly ships I’ve seen to date. Looks like you can purchase the wallpaper at Photowall (€26/m2 or $37/m2) or buy a pillow with the print directly from Fine Little Day for €42 ($59).

Purchase Information:

Price: $37/m2
Availability: Buy Ohoy Wallpaper here

Flat Vernacular

Chances are you’ve already heard of Payton Cosell Turner’s custom wallpaper made from stickers, as it was featured in Elle Decor as well as a smattering of design blogs. I’m certainly a fan of the idea of sticker wallpaper, and if I possessed an ounce of patience, I might attempt the idea in a small powder room or hallway. However, I might just settle for one of the other wallpaper designs from Payton’s website instead, as they would (hopefully) require a little less time to install. See my three favorites below.


Purchase Information:

Price: $200.00 and up
Available from: Flat Vernacular

Scrapwood Wallpaper

This might not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s notable nevertheless. Piet Hein Eek’s Scrapwood Wallpaper looks quite real (super high resolution printing) and would give a rustic/antiqued feel to a room in a snap. Plus, you get over 43 square feet of unique planks with no repeat.


Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Available from: design/story

Tempaper By You Wallpaper

Paintable. Temporary. Wallpaper. How many times have you wished for this? Whether you’re renting or you have kids (or you’re just artistically fickle) this stuff is something to try out. It’s a vinyl coated self adhesive wallpaper, and you can use almost any art supplies to decorate it however you want. Tempaper also has quite a few designs to choose from should you wish for a more traditional patterned paper; my favorites are the Ruby Slate, Skotti, and Etta.

Available from 2modern or directly from Tempaper.

Purchase Information:

Price: $56.00
Available from: 2modern

Customized Tile Mosaics

You can take any .jpg and make into a custom tile mosaic. Oh, just think of the possibilities… I’d recommend putting some thought into it as you’ll be spending around $149 per square foot, but man-oh-man, there’s a ton of great images you could use for a bathroom wall (or anywhere else tile is appropriate). Any digital image will work, so if you’ve got a favorite snapshot or piece of artwork, start there. Available from Top Hat Tile.