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Wall applications

Artware Editions: Wallpaper

It’s entirely overwhelming to absorb just how great these wallpapers are. The prices will make you cry, but man-oh-man, they sure would make a small room look amazing. There’s not enough room to put in each artist’s statement, so please do take a look at the website.

left to right:
Buy it here.

Echo, Wow and Flutter: Sideways, Flopped and Mirrored, 2006 by Fred Tomaselli, $1,250.00 per roll,
Buy it here.
Wood Wall, 2006 by Phoebe Washburn, $1,250.00 per roll, Buy it here.

Wavelength, 2006 by Joni Sternbach, $1,000 per roll, Buy it here.

Within the Sea Below, 2006 by Christopher Daniels, $750.00, Buy it here.

also, take a look at New York Times Headlines (1990-2005), 2006
wallpaper by A.J. Bocchino. Love it.

Recycled Mosaic Glass Tile by Vidrepur

I’m loving these recycled glass mosaic tiles.

These environmentally friendly glass tiles are made of 100% recycled glass. The only truly “green” tile available, can be used on walls, backsplashes, countertops, floors and pools.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $16.46
Availability: Buy Recycled Mosaic Glass Tile by Vidrepur here

Sheba in Bubblegum wallpaper

I love this Sheba In Bubblegum wallpaper from Flavor Paper. It would be great on an accent wall. I would also really like it in black.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $135.00
Availability: Buy Sheba in Bubblegum wallpaper here

Walldesign by Jasmina Cibic

I’m loving this subtle wallpaper with stark hand drawings of the wall trophy art by Jasmina Cibic.

Sunday families and hunting trophies. Photo souvenirs. The delicate lines of Jasmina Cibic settle on paper, crystallizing a moment of glory. Repeat to infinity, for a wallpaper in limited edition.

[posted by kris]

Henry Wallpaper by Marcel Wanders

This Henry wallpaper appears textured by using clear glossed stripes mixed in with matte stripes. Pretty fantastic.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $75
Availability: Buy Henry Wallpaper by Marcel Wanders here

Genuine Fake Bookshelf Wallpaper

If you were interested, I found the wallpaper from Abigain Ahern’s amazing house.

The papers are hand printed and designed by Deborah Bowness and there are some interesting options, like my favorite Illusions of Grandeur, which features a fake mirror and chandelier.

[posted by kris]

Suzanne wallpaper from Marcel Wanders by Graham and Brown

This wallpaper is pretty fantastic.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $75
Availability: Buy Suzanne wallpaper from Marcel Wanders by Graham and Brown here

Tetris Tiles

I probably played Tetris for hours on end in 6th grade. I have been reacquainted with Tetris recently while at a friend’s house who still has her old Nintendo, so it’s great to see it being used here in a home application. I’m not quite sure it would be a match in my home, but I do really love the idea. Perfect for a kids bath perhaps?

[posted by kris]

More information:

View Tetris Tiles here

Source: Via

Space Mural

In the right home, and on the right wall–this astronaut mural just might work. Think hallways or on a small wall. Mount it flush with the bottom of the floor and paint the rest of the wall above it a matte black.

8’10” w x 6’4″ h

Purchase Information:

Price: $68.08
Availability: Buy Space Mural here

Custom Wallpaper via Flavor Paper

I just found out that Flavor Paper does custom wallpaper. Astek has been doing custom wallpaper for a while but it’s nice to know that there’s another resource. Flavor Paper can even customize inks if you’re going for a specific color that may be difficult to match.

Shown above: Limited Edition wallpaper Chinatown Toile
Designed by Dan Funderburgh

Ace Hotel-Portland

I love the Ace Hotel. I’ve stayed at the one in Seattle, and they’ve really done a great job of taking a rough, existing space and making it comfortable. There is also a sense that it can be done on a limited budget because the treatments aren’t complicated. They start with spartan digs and work smartly with space and paint to create ‘zones’ and then add a few decorative elements.

I especially like how they’ve chosen this dark color to separate the bath space from the rest of the room. In a residential situation, a sink in the bedroom isn’t ideal, but the use of paint to create zones can be utilized in any multi-function situation.

[posted by kris]

More information:

View Ace Hotel-Portland here

Serenity Wallpaper

Used sparingly, this would look awesome on an accent wall or hallway.

[posted by kris]

More information:

View Serenity Wallpaper here

No VOC paint

Indoor air quality is become increasingly important to consumers as we become aware of the dangers of air pollution. One great way to reduce air pollution indoors is by using paints with no VOC (volatile organic compounds). You can get them in a number of color ways, and

I like Freshaire Choice because the not only does the paint itself have no VOC’s but the pigments also have no VOC’s.

[posted by kris]

Custom Gradient Mosaic Tile

I’m loving this custom gradient tile from Hakatai as seen in the Drury Plaza Hotel. Hakatai has a gradient tool on their website so you can create your own Gradient tile. Pretty stunning.

[posted by kris]

Inspiration: Wallpaper in an office

I love how the wallpaper is used on one wall in this office. It really creates one unified visual area which really ties the workspace together.

[posted by kris]