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Wallpaper an Island!

Any of you who visit Tumblr know that there’s a whole haystack of images to sort through, especially when it comes to lovely interiors. I ran across this pic (via The Diversion Project) yesterday and thought the wallpaper on the kitchen island was a brilliant pop of color in an otherwise white dwelling. So, note to self: when feeling bored with one’s surroundings, pick out a colorful wallpaper and attach it somewhere unexpected like the base of kitchen island. Seeing as it’s a relatively small area, it won’t cost much and will be easier to change out than doing a whole wall or room.


Ms. Treat Wallpaper

This luscious botanical wallpaper would sure spice up a small (or large?) room. The teaberry (shown above) is my favorite, but for $2 a sample you might want to try out the Heron and Pineland colorways as well. Also, the Ms. Ward design (shown below) is also worth a look, as there’s delightfully large storybook insects involved.

Available at Design Public or Grow House Grow.


Purchase Information:

Price: $180.00 per roll
Availability: Buy Ms. Treat Wallpaper here

Bookshelf Wallpaper

If you love the look of books but don’t have the space (or money) for stacks of bookshelves, maybe this wallpaper will do the trick. Similar in idea to the Genuine Fake Bookshelf Wallpaper we’ve posted before, but maybe just a tad bit better seeing as it has a more realistic look. Sold in 3 meter length rolls. 55cm wide.


Purchase Information:

Price: £68.00
Available from: Bouf

Source: Incredible Things

Newsworthy Recycled Wallpaper

Newsprint strips are handwoven on a loom and backed with paper to create these eco-friendly wall coverings. Definitely a clever use of recycled materials. I think what really makes it is the use of larger strips of paper which reveal hints of the paper’s former life, and of course, the colors! Available through many retailers, find your nearest one at Weitzner’s official website.


Eskayel Wallpaper

Somehow I missed Eskayel’s initial appearance last year, but I’m sure glad I ran across their collection yesterday. It’s absolutely lovely. Images are taken from original paintings by artist Shanan Campanaro, which are then flipped and mirrored (a.k.a. ‘kaleidoscoped’) to create the wallpaper design. Rolls aren’t cheap, of course, but what do you expect of something so beautiful?

There’s a wide selection of designs to choose from, and custom orders are also accepted. If you’re not needing wallpaper, you might want to take a look at the pillows too, as they’re a much more affordable option. Also, DailyCandy has a quick video interview with Shanan Campanaro, if you’re interested.

More information:

View Eskayel Wallpaper here

Vivienne Westwood Wallpaper

Fashion designer extraordinaire Vivienne Westwood is known for her punk and rock-influenced clothing (she has ties to the Sex Pistols, helped Sandra Bullock look like a million bucks, and was the designer of choice when Sex and the City’s Carrie almost married Big), but she also has a fancy line of wallpaper with Cole & Son. The collection features eye openers like an almost nine-foot-long Union Jack as well as prints inspired by some of her most iconic fashion collections, including 1981’s Pirate collection and 2007’s I am Expensiv collection (wallpaper seen above, second from the left).


Pieces Wallpaper

This wallpaper is sort of a subtle crazy pattern… from far off it’s subtle, but up close it’s all nicely weird. Just what you need for an entryway or powder room.

designed in Brooklyn by Julia Rothman
Double roll measures 27″ X 30′.

Purchase Information:

Price: $105.00
Available from: Rare Device


Yes, these two photos are of the same house. Does that blow your mind, because it sure did mine. If you want your head to properly and majestically explode, take a look at the following photos. Freaking A-maz-ing.

All photos, Tim Van De Velde.


More information:


Source: OWI

Stencil 101 Decor

With all the fancy (i.e. expensive) wallpapers available nowadays, it’s hard to be constrained by a budget. If you can’t quite afford your wallpaper of choice, an alternative to consider is stenciling. While this might bring to mind unfortunate images of hearts and flowers and ducks, forget about all that. Graphic designer Ed Roth’s stencils are simple patterns that will change up a wall with a few easy steps, and if that sounds scary, no worries, there’s a how to video that’ll ease your beginner fears.

-portfolio of reusable stencils, project instructions, and photographs

10 die-cut recyclable plastic stencils
11 x 11-5/8 inches

Purchase Information:

Price: $24.95
Availability: Buy Stencil 101 Decor here

Turner Pocock Cazalet Wallpaper

With a name like that who needs a PR company? These two designs from TPC (my nickname for them, btw) are just plain cute. Come on, polar bears and zebras? You just can’t go wrong.

£70.50 per roll

Purchase Information:

Price: £70.50
Availability: Buy Turner Pocock Cazalet Wallpaper here

Chambre avec Vue by Kenzo Minami

Talk about wall art, this huge mural is one heck of a commitment. You can order whatever size you want, of course, but seeing it this size sure makes an impact, doesn’t it?

With this wallpaper, you choose the custom size you want, Height x Width and the design will be scaled to that size. It will come in self adhesive strips that overlap to make a seamless, large scale mural.

Production fee: $500.00 plus $6.44/sq ft.

Purchase Information:

Price: $500.00+
Availability: Buy Chambre avec Vue by Kenzo Minami here

PaperBoy wallpaper & fabric

Have you ever found wallpaper choices lacking for a boy’s room? Well, you’ll be happy to hear there’s a new line specifically tailored for boys, but cool enough to put elsewhere. I personally like the paper called ‘Animal Magic’ (right) where the skeleton is slightly shinier than the silhouette, giving an xray feel to an otherwise innocent design.

Prices per 10metre roll start at £ 78.

Purchase Information:

Price: £78.00
Availability: Buy PaperBoy wallpaper & fabric here

Teeny Tiles

You might have seen these before, but considering they usually ship out in 48 hours, they might be a good gift idea if you’re still running around trying to find stuff. Whether intended as tilework in a kitchen or bathroom or as a magnet, it’d be a great way to memorialize favorite images (good or bad) of your friends or family.

2? × 2? × .25? ceramic tiles printed with your images.
Each Teeny Tile comes with an adhesive magnet that you can apply to the back of the tile.

Holiday sale price is $3.99 (normal cost is $5.00).

[via Incredible Things]

Purchase Information:

Price: $3.99
Availability: Buy Teeny Tiles here

Source: Via

BEHR Paint Contest

Submit a photo of your dullest room and say why it needs a makeover and you could win 3 gallons of BEHR paint. Why do you care? Because it could mean free paint. Now if they only offered to paint the room for you…

See Vidafine’s post for more details.

More information:

View BEHR Paint Contest here

Source: Via

Home of Sara Camre, Architect

Hellooo lovely white floors and walls, so nice to meet you. And, may I say your truck-mural-in-the-hallway has me tongue tied? It knocked me over the head… in a good way, of course.

This home of Sara Camre is a perfect example of how using white on floors and walls can really make furniture and art ‘pop’, even when the colors are softer shades/hues. I wish I had the guts to do a white floor somewhere, but each place I’ve lived has had really pretty wood floors, so there’s been no real need other than my curiosity to see how it might look.

Update: found more pics at

[via heyhome]

Source: Via