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Eskayel Wallpaper

Eskayel Wallpaper

Somehow I missed Eskayel’s initial appearance last year, but I’m sure glad I ran across their collection yesterday. It’s absolutely lovely. Images are taken from original paintings by artist Shanan Campanaro, which are then flipped and mirrored (a.k.a. ‘kaleidoscoped’) to create the wallpaper design. Rolls aren’t cheap, of course, but what do you expect of something so beautiful?

There’s a wide selection of designs to choose from, and custom orders are also accepted. If you’re not needing wallpaper, you might want to take a look at the pillows too, as they’re a much more affordable option. Also, DailyCandy has a quick video interview with Shanan Campanaro, if you’re interested.

The wallpaper is digitally printed on water-resistant IDBM latex and nylon fiber reinforced paper.

My absolute favorite design, the Bear in Mind Wallpaper (shell color), $350.00 per roll.

Bear Family Pillow (left), $175.00
Small Polar Pedigree Pillow (right), $175.00

Sumai Sunrise Blue, $350.00 per roll.

Also, here’s another few worth taking a look at: Shaman’s Smoke Light Raspberry, Ivory Outpost Dark, and Cassablanca Rust.

More Eskayel wallpaper available at The Wallpaper Collective or email Eskayel directly for custom orders: info(at)


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