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Scenography Apartment

Scenography Apartment

A change in color is part of what keeps things fresh. It’s a technique that designers in most fields use (you’ll see it at work everywhere from The Gap to IKEA) and it was the idea behind the color-changing lights in AA Studio’s Scenography Apartment. AA Studio is known for their contemporary, thought-out, and constructed interiors and the color-changing lights help to continually re-invent and re-define what could be an otherwise stark space.

Continue reading for shots of the apartment in its technicolor glory and for shots from IKEA’s new color campaign, because it’s so cool and makes so much sense.

I love how much more fun the room looks IN COLOR!

Love the giant tap-light/mother-ship lights on the ceiling.

And because not everyone has the resources to install magical Wizard-of-Oz color-change lights, IKEA‘s color campaign before…

and after, with splashes of color.


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