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Bath Faucets

Ron BenShoshan’s DIY Faucet

As you know, we don’t often post pics of reader’s homes, but when Ron BenShoshan emailed us pictures of his apartment renovation I couldn’t help but notice the faucet/towel rack in his bathroom. Turns out, he made it himself:

“I was looking for something minimal for my bathroom and wanted to combine 2 different but related uses. It’s a plain metal pipe used for plumbing. I’m an industrial design student so I have access to the workshop at school. All I did was bend the pipe to the angle I needed, weld 2 shorter pipes to connect to the wall (only the one on the right is connected to water), put a short tube inside that controls the direction of the water flow so that it doesn’t flow the left side of the pipe, chrome it and fabricate to small housing units out of corian that hide the connections to the wall. Not more than 2 working days!”

Impressive, yes? More images and links to his Flickr pics below.

Mirabelle Wall Mount Faucet

Here’s a fantastic wall mount faucet under the $200 level.

Purchase Information:

Price: $195.62
Availability: Buy Mirabelle Wall Mount Faucet here

Create this look: Woolsey Studio Bath

If you like the look of this bath from the Woolsey Studio, it can be done economically with discount plumbing.

This above the counter lavatory sink is $294, and this
wall-mounted faucet is only $268.

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Spritz Collection from Restoration Hardware

When faced with redoing a bath, you can opt to do it in one fell swoop, with coordinated fixtures, or you can try to do it as your budget allows, piece by piece, hoping to achieve a cohesive look. If you’re in the first category, you may be interested to know that the Spritz Collection from Restoration Hardware includes everything from matching sink and bath faucets, to towel bars and soap holders. I don’t recommend going too overboard with the lighting and accessories though.

Shown: matching wall mounted sink faucet ($565) and bath faucet ($669)

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Purchase Information:

Price: $19
Availability: Buy Spritz Collection from Restoration Hardware here

Planhaus bath

It’s refreshing to see a beautiful bath space that doesn’t require tiles everywhere. The nice simple wooden sink (although I think I would worry too much about the upkeep) and the horizontal-mount mirror and the wall-mount faucet brings it all together. It’s perfect how the alignment is slightly askew.

To create this look in your own bath remodel, you can get the faucet for under $300 here. The mirror is pretty much a no-brainer. Start at Ikea and work your way up as your budget allows. The sink is more difficult to locate but since I have a problem with the idea of wood, I would probably use something like the Omvivo washplane or the erosion sink, which can be custom made to any length.

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One Wall Mount Lavatory Set

There’s something about wall mount faucets that just seem to make the vanity area much tidier. This one from Ann Sachs is perfectly simple and well designed.

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Purchase Information:

Price: $587
Availability: Buy One Wall Mount Lavatory Set here

Oblo Wallmount Faucet

I love these wall mount faucets. They really give an opportunity to create a serene space with not a lot of clutter or ornamentation.