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Nebia Shower

Water shortages are a big concern in some cities, but how can you help? Yes, you could shorten your shower time, but you might also want to take a look at the Nebia. It uses 70% less water than a typical showerhead by atomizing water into millions of very tiny droplets. All those droplets equal about 10 times more surface area than a regular shower, so you’ll feel just as clean, and maybe that skin of yours will feel more hydrated. The Nebia Shower is also way more thermally efficient- 13 times more- so you’ll be saving water and saving energy. Lower water and utility bills? Sign me up.

Purchase Information:

Price: $299.00
Available from: Kickstarter

Thermostatic Freestanding Shower

I’m in the midst of remodeling a 100 year old craftsman home, which means I’m pouring through several hundred design retailers in search of craftsman appropriate fixtures. Which also means I find fixtures that I love but are definitely not craftsman appropriate. This makes me cry a little inside. Here’s a modern fixture that I would love to put in a home one day. It won’t be this current one…but hopefully I’ll be living in an anthracite box where this freestanding shower would fit perfectly.


Purchase Information:

Price: $749.00
Available from: Signature Hardware

Ty DIY Shower Curtain

Need a bathroom makeover? Customize it with some style, YOUR style.The Ty Shower Curtain is blank, white shower curtain / marker set that allows you to simply draw your own custom designs.

Dimensions: Height: 72 in / 183 cm, Width: 60 in / 152 cm
Color: White with your choice of blue, green or black permanent marker.
Material: 100% High-Density Polyethylene (Recyclable) and nickel plated metal grommets.

[via Design Milk]

Purchase Information:

Price: $33.00
Availability: Buy Ty DIY Shower Curtain here

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Concealed Shower Drainage

Finding the flush mount electrical outlets made me want to see in what other places one could create a seamless look. I can picture this being installed flush with the floor with a similar flooring material throughout to create a unified look. The price isn’t too cost prohibitive and it doesn’t look overly complicated to install– your plumber, or you, if you’re the DIY type, could probably do it in a few hours.

Made of a poly-resin blend.
Shower tray has matte finish that is easy to maintain.
Overall dimensions: 47″ W x 27-1/2″ D x 2-3/4″ H.
Drain cover dimensions: 19-1/2″ W x 19-1/2″ D.

Purchase Information:

Price: $819
Availability: Buy Concealed Shower Drainage here

Bathroom Refurbishment (Architect: Ferrier Baudet)

In the recent issue of Vogue Australia Living, this bathroom jumped out for its use of small black tiles. Although this bathroom is for an office, you can see how the overall use of the tiny tiles (minus the usual glass wall for the shower) creates the appearance of a large space. The warmth of the brick is a nice contrast as well.

This bathroom was installed into an old storeroom at the back of a building which had been converted into a law office. The old brickwork was so beautiful that we left as much of it exposed as possible. The use of black Italian mosaic tiling and black sanitary fixtures gives the space a sophisticated, streamlined feel. -Ferrier Baudet Architects

Tile source: Bisazza ‘opus romano’ from Metro Tiles or here (listed at €110.00 per sq. m).

See it here.

Recycled Windshield (Second Glass)

Sure, we’ve all seen some items made from windshields, but actually using the breaks and cracks of damaged windshields as a design element is something slightly new (to me, at least). I really wish they’d come up with better photography, but if you’ve any imagination you can see how this idea would be great as a shower door or, as shown above, as a wall divider or door.

Converting junk or damaged windshields into new glass products is a patent-pending process that we have perfected. While simple in concept it is a complex formula of art and science. We can add color to co-ordinate with other design elements. Second Glass can be framed, lighted, mounted, or hung just as in most glass applications creating attractive and easily maintained walls, dividers, fronts, partitions, and lighting.

Price available upon request. Buy it here.

[via materialicious]

Upgrade Shower

This shower is super sleek (even the pan’s drain is streamlined), but I guess it better look that way for a total price of $2800.00.

Purchase Information:

Price: $2800
Availability: Buy Upgrade Shower here

Kohler Shower Set

I’ve been looking to add a shower to a half bath in my home and there are some pretty ridiculous options out there. Shower walls, huge rain shower heads, they almost look like bad props from a 50’s sci-fi film. It was actually sort of time consuming to locate some simple fixtures but Kohler has some nicely designed ones.

Showerhead, $186.20.

Valve Trim, $147.00.

Valve, $175.85.

Shower Arm, $22.75.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $186.20.
Availability: Buy Kohler Shower Set here

DNA walk-in shower

Here’s an interesting option for a shower: a slimline shower pan in Corian.

Purchase Information:

Price: $3880
Availability: Buy DNA walk-in shower here

Open shower

I’m trying to figure out how add a shower to a narrow half bath by taking over a closet to get some extra room. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of room to take any more width, so there’s not really a way to add a shower door or other major division.

This small bath separates the lavatory from the shower with a simple step down, but keeps the flooring and wall tiled with the same glass mosaic to give the feeling of a larger space instead of smaller fractured spaces. The drain in the floor and simple shower head doesn’t take a lot of space and because there’s not a door, the space feels more open.

Also, the little perch for shampoo and soap is not obtrusive into the space, yet perfect for the necessities.

[posted by kris]

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Piatto diccia filo-pavimento

This shower is slimline and amazing. The drain is hidden under a Corian panel.

[posted by kris]

Discount Shower Enclosure

I’ve been looking at the possibility of turning a large laundry room into a second bath, which means basically starting from scratch when it comes to all the fixtures. As you know, it can add up really quickly and the next thing you know, you’ve spent $15,000. One way to reduce costs is by searching at discount plumbing supply stores, as long as you have time to search.

Here’s a great shower entry that’s 1/3 the cost of what I’ve seen at other design stores. It was listed at $2,500 and now it’s only $799!

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $799
Availability: Buy Discount Shower Enclosure here

Plat Shower

This slim line drain is pretty amazing.

[posted by kris]

More information:

View Plat Shower here

Norrviken House

I love the curved tile in this shower seat of the Norrviken house.

[posted by kris]

Waterworks .25 line

I like the slim lines of this shower head from Waterworks.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $847
Availability: Buy Waterworks .25 line here

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