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Yes, these two photos are of the same house. Does that blow your mind, because it sure did mine. If you want your head to properly and majestically explode, take a look at the following photos. Freaking A-maz-ing.

All photos, Tim Van De Velde.

here’s a photo making sense of the two before:
House Milcamps 2

and of the lovely dark corridor, is that black cork??
House Milcamps 3

and the kitchen, with a lovely light fixture (diy, anyone?)…
House Milcamps 4

and holy mother, black tiled bathroom, dark hallway to bedroom…
House Milcamps 5

there’s more. Yes, even more: OWI: HOUSE MILCAMPS, all photos Tim Van De Velde (his site’s not completely up at the time I post this, but should be soon.)



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