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So…wood walls, yes or no? If your ‘no’ has aesthetic reasons, then I’ve got some images that might change your mind. If your answer is ‘yes, but…’ then join the club. Often wood walls are struck off the to-do list because of cost and installation, yet with the product Stikwood suddenly we’re thinking ‘hey, I could do that.’ Stikwood is just like its name- you stick the wood onto whatever surface you want. It’s got a peel-and-stick backing that makes it easy to attach, whether on a wall, ceiling, or furniture. How exactly does it work? Here’s the installation instructions. And, if you’re still not intrigued, here are a few images for inspiration (note: below images aren’t Stikwood products, just wood wall inspiration).

Above image via HGTV Remodels.

Left: OM House by Studio Guilherme Torres.
Right: Heavy Metal House by Hufft Projects.

Beaumont House by Henri Cleinge Architects.

Left: Far Pond Residence by Bates Masi Architects.
Right: PTL House by Satoru Hirota Architects.

Left: Not sure location/name of this home, but it appears to be from one of Ferm Living’s product shoot.
Right: Image via Petit

Available from Stikwood, 8.00 - 12.00 /sq. ft..

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