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Artware Editions: Wallpaper

Artware Editions: Wallpaper

It’s entirely overwhelming to absorb just how great these wallpapers are. The prices will make you cry, but man-oh-man, they sure would make a small room look amazing. There’s not enough room to put in each artist’s statement, so please do take a look at the website.

left to right:
Buy it here.

Echo, Wow and Flutter: Sideways, Flopped and Mirrored, 2006 by Fred Tomaselli, $1,250.00 per roll,
Buy it here.
Wood Wall, 2006 by Phoebe Washburn, $1,250.00 per roll, Buy it here.

Wavelength, 2006 by Joni Sternbach, $1,000 per roll, Buy it here.

Within the Sea Below, 2006 by Christopher Daniels, $750.00, Buy it here.

also, take a look at New York Times Headlines (1990-2005), 2006
wallpaper by A.J. Bocchino. Love it.


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