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Paper AK47 Kit

Paper AK47 Kit

If you’re thinking about writing in because you’re offended by us posting a paper gun, go right ahead, but please (pretty please) do so after considering the designer’s intent.

London-based Martin Postler considers the aesthetics and lethal appeal of the Awtomat Kalaschinkowa—a.k.a. an AK-47—and by doing so, highlights the darker side of iconic design. Take away its original functional intent by rendering this death machine in paper, and the focus shifts to the power of form, and all that’s implied with it. Part of Postlerferguson’s Death Machine series, the Paper AK-47 was glittered, graffiti’d and garnished by respected street artists for the well-received Paper Wars exhibit in London this summer. Now, if only the world’s wars could be solved with a bit of paper, craft glue and a pack of colored Sharpies.

  • Not recommended for people under age 18.
  • Recommended for experienced crafters.
  • Construction time depends on handcrafting abilities.
  • Does not contain glue and cutter.
  • 5 sheets in a plastic bag, incl. instruction poster

Buy it here.

Available from A + R Store, 42.00.

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