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Shower Curtains

InterAbstract Shower Curtain

To make a long story short, I had some horrible shower doors from the 1950’s which I removed after hating them for 2 years. I’m planning a rather large bath remodel which involves moving walls and basically redoing everything, so my goal was to make the current bath nicer with a budget of $100, knowing that I’ll be spending way more in a few months to build an entirely new bathroom.

After removing the shower doors, I needed a shower curtain that wasn’t too expensive and was also pleasant to look at. After looking through several hundred shower curtains (I’m obsessive, what can I say?), I finally found this little minimal beauty for under $20. I’m very happy with the purchase and more than likely I’ll keep it in the remodeled bath as well.

You will also need a plastic liner with this.

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Price: $14.49
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