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Viola Park New Island Collection

Viola Park New Island Collection

Viola Park, who most of us know and love for their excellent kitchen cabinetry, has added a new collection of kitchen islands. I am most impressed with the integrated storage modules (shown above) for foodstuff as it cuts down on counter clutter without adding the visual bulk of drawers. If you’re in LA, you can see one of the new islands at Viola Park’s new showroom across from the Pacific Design Center.

The islands range from 5-12K, and can be purchased independently or along with a complete kitchen package. Islands can be mobile or stationary.

Pivot Storage System
Pivot Storage System:
“As part of the island program, the company is releasing its proprietary Pivot Storage system, a set of pivoting storage elements mounted beneath a worksurface and designed to allow quick and efficient access to specific cooking tools without getting in the way of the cook โ€“ while maximizing countertop space.”

In-counter storage module
In-counter storage module:
“Viola Park is also introducing a new in-counter storage module for bread, onions, garlic etc. This new product allows ease of access without cluttering the worksurface.”

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Available from henrybuilt, 5-12k.


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